On-Demand Webinar: Modern Cloud Insights


Explore the key findings from our 2024 Infrastructure Modernisation Survey. Our experts…

On-demand Webinar: Demystifying Cloud Security


A deep dive into the evolving threat landscape. We teach actionable steps…

OnDemand: NIS2 – What you need to know


As the digital landscape evolves, the EU is introducing the NIS2 Directive…

On-demand Webinar: Transforming your SQL Server Management


The data management landscape is constantly evolving. SQL Server is transforming the…

On Demand webinar: Understand & Mitigate Patching Risks


Learn how effective patch management can transform your security posture and safeguard…

On Demand Webinar: Securing your IBM i future


Watch our on demand webinar as we explore the power of Maxava's…

On-demand webinar: Do More With Microsoft


Join us on 12th March for an opportunity to tap into the…

On-Demand Webinar: Elevate your Office 365 Security


Our exclusive webinar unveilS the secrets to maximising the security of your…


On-Demand Webinar: Redefining Ransomware Recovery: What’s new in Zerto 10


If you've ever faced a ransomware attack, you know the urgency of…

On-demand Webinar: Managed Microsoft Defender for Endpoint


Endpoints are now a significant attack surface so it's key to move…

On-demand Webinar: Cracking the Backup Illusion


Zoom Webinar

This webinar will deep-dive into why relying solely on traditional backup solutions…

Optimise cloud ROI

On-demand webinar: Five Ways to Optimise Your Cloud ROI


This webinar will provide you with actionable insights and strategies to optimise…

On-demand webinar: Building Immutable Backup as your Last Line of Defence


In this webinar, we discuss backup system immutability and why it's key…

cloud bubble

On-demand webinar: Has the Cloud bubble burst?


Only 19% of UK and Irish businesses believe their cloud infrastructure is…

On-demand webinar: Zero Trust – Why pay twice?


Budget does not need to be a factor in your Zero Trust…

On-demand webinar: Get Out of Ransomware Jail with Ekco and Zerto


Take a deep dive into why a best-in-class disaster recovery solution, with…

Watch the event videos: Future proof and secure your organisation against cyber attacks


Ekco, in partnership with Microsoft and the NCSC, launched the new Secure…

On-demand webinar: Better cyber defence for your organisation


In this webinar we look at how Microsoft Defender can help you…

An evening with adventurer, Damian Browne


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On-demand webinar: Traditional Pen Testing is Dead… What’s Next?


Watch our on-demand webinar with Ekco’s Head of Security Strategy and GRC…

Cutting the malware kill chain - join our event

Breaking the Ransomware Kill Chain


This event has been held.

cover image siem soc webinar

On-demand webinar: SIEM-SOC: Why protection is no longer enough.


Protection is no longer enough. You need to detect and respond. Many…

Data protection

On-demand webinar: 7 steps to data resilience in a highly regulated world


Data protection and business continuity has always been important. But today, if…

On-demand webinar: How to recover from Ransomware


How to recover from Ransomware On-demand webinar recording Our Technical Director, Conor…