Are you confident you can recover quickly from an attack?

The speed and sophistication of cyber attacks means that there is no longer a stigma attached around a business suffering a cyber incident. The new litmus test for organisations is their ability to respond, recover and restore their critical systems, minimising the impact on their operations.

Your ability to respond is what determines how your company is judged in light of a cyber attack. Companies that respond quickly, with robust procedures and tools to restore their environment, will be judged more favourably than those that takes months and lose millions trying to understand how to get back up and running.

Cyber Talent

Cyber resilience goes beyond security implementation or being a single business function. It is a mentality and attitude towards risk management that underpins everything you do. Being cyber resilient offers a foundation to your whole organisation, allowing it to better react in the face of an incident, breach or any other event.

At Ekco, we have all the technical skills, business knowledge and deep experience need to help you place cyber resilience at the core of your business. We take time to get to know your people and your business, we can map out your priorities and make sure that you have the tools in place to offer a robust response to whatever comes your way.


• Stronger internal resources and people skills
• Robust cyber resilience management system
• Less down time, post breach
• Better reputation with customers and staff