IT that’s fit for the future

The healthcare sector is constantly evolving, with scientific developments and new technologies playing their role in reshaping the industry. To keep up with the rate of change, medical companies are leveraging the flexibility of the cloud to achieve their ambitions. 

Whether you’re in Medtech, pharma or a private practice, we can deliver you a cloud roadmap that improves patient experiences, advances research and empowers frontline carers. All while securing your systems and ensuring the integrity of your data. Supercharge your IT, supercharge your ambitions. 


When your inspiration meets our capability, we’re unstoppable

Cloud adoption in healthcare has soared in recent years. The scalability and accessibility has improved the speed of innovation, enabling medical companies to rethink how they operate.   

At the same time, increasing cyber threats and changing compliance requirements – think NISD and GDPR – are challenging areas to navigate and can stunt progress. With a cloud partner like us by your side, you can be sure the right solutions delivered the first time around, regardless of whether you’re dealing with legacy infrastructure or a more modern, cloud-first environment. 

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A partner you can trust

Trusted by the likes of DNAe and RelayMed, we’ve developed a tried and tested framework to help you reduce risk, optimise costs and modernise your infrastructure.

Case Studies

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Migrating legacy infrastructure to the public cloud

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Architecting hybrid cloud environments

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Implementing DevOps to speed up the development and deployment of healthcare apps

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Compliant workplace transformation projects using M365

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Continuous detection, monitoring and mitigation of cyber threats

Protecting your data

Healthcare data is perhaps the most sensitive public data possible. Any data loss, whether due to a security breach or an unforeseen disaster, can cause reputational damage and put patients at risk. 

Security underpins every solution, every decision. As we architect your solution, we implement controls and policies to protect data and ensure you meet regulatory standards. We also ensure data is easily recovered – through backup and disaster recovery – giving you peace of mind that you can bounce back from an outage without losing critical data. 

Infrastructure innovation

Don’t let legacy infrastructure hold you back. Whether you’re migrating to the public cloud, exploring hybrid solutions, or transforming applications, we help you overcome operational challenges and scale faster.  

Already have a project in flight or need help road-mapping your vision? Our team empowers you to take the next steps on your cloud journey and redefine what’s possible.  

Mitigating cyber risk

As the healthcare sector takes advantage of telehealth and wearable medical devices, the cyber threat surface has grown exponentially.  

Managed SIEM helps you gain greater visibility over events and threats to improve your security posture. Coupled with round-the-clock detection from our Security Operations Centre (SOC), you can ensure proactive protection across your growing network. We offer a range of next-generation security services, and our incident responders have worked on a range of high-profile ransomware recoveries.  

 Invest in what’s next 

Cloud is driving new healthcare experiences all the time. As your trusted cloud partner, it’s our job to guide your IT transformation, taking advantage of new opportunities along the way. From discovery through ongoing execution, we’ll drive more value out of your existing spend, empower your busy people and deliver results that transform your business.