Cloud power: Maximised efficiency, minimised costs

As a Private Equity firm, you need to integrate many IT systems, handle complex supplier relationships and obtain insight over all assets. As a security-first managed cloud provider with proven expertise in the sector, we can make this happen.

Our team of experts work with you to analyse your current infrastructure and identify areas where you can reduce costs and improve performance. We will also help you migrate to a cloud platform that is scalable and flexible, so you can easily adjust resources to meet changing business needs.

We delivered ground-up rebuilds of 150 workloads for Rubix

Scaling up and saving big

We customise your cloud infrastructure to meet your unique business requirements. Ekco’s managed cloud services assist your Private Equity business to lower the expenses of infrastructure administration, hardware upgrades, and software licencing. While we handle your private, public, or hybrid infrastructure, as well as monitor your cyber security, you can concentrate on key business operations like investment analysis and deal-making.

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Don’t acquire your next data breach

Private Equity businesses are rapidly becoming a more appealing target for cyber attacks. Hackers perceive them as being able to pay high ransom demands while not having robust cyber security in place. Our cybersecurity services protect your sensitive financial data from cyber threats like malware, phishing attacks, and ransomware. We provide a range of security services for Private Equity companies from network security to endpoint protection to 24/7 incident detection and response. Ekco also helps you meet the compliance requirements impacting the Private Equity sector, such as FCA standards, GDPR, and Schrems II.

We built a new infrastructure for 600 employees within nine months

The benefits of multi-cloud without managing multiple clouds

By running more of your applications and workloads in the cloud, you get greater agility, responsiveness, and scalability. Our team of specialists work as an extension of your team, giving you the flexibility to manage your changing business requirements with ease.

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Eliminate the uncertainty surrounding costs

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Give you more control over your operating budget

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Improve security with the highest levels of resilience, performance, and availability

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Give you access to applications from anywhere

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Add or remove resources based on your requirements

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Surround you with a team of specialist cloud and security engineers

 How we partner with Private Equity firms

We provide a variety of cloud, application, and security services to help Private Equity firms reach their growth and revenue targets, while being compliant and secure. Private Equity funds trust us to:

People for Cloud

Carry out technology evaluation: storage, virtualisation, and monitoring

Design, build and deploy cloud services

Integrate their core network with public cloud

Support their data centre selection process

Plan test programs for all applications

Seamlessly migrate infrastructure to the cloud

Manage their Microsoft licencing and applications

Ensure data is secure, compliant, and effectively managed

Want to rationlise your infrastructure?

Chat to our member of our team if you need a portfolio-wide infrastructure strategy that streamlines your business operations, optimises IT costs, and prioritises compliance and cybersecurity.