The knowledge, strategies and tools you’ll need during a cyber emergency

Is your team adequately prepared for ever-changing and complex cyber threats? Our carefully designed crisis simulation sessions provide immersive, real-life training specifically tailored to your organisation and operating environment.

Find out how quickly a crisis can unfold and allow our cyber security specialists to demonstrate best practice response approaches, in real-time and learn how to:

  • Be ready for any cyber event – know what to do and when to do it
  • Comply with legislative frameworks and industry expectations when responding to a cyber crisis
  • Effectively navigate and understand evolving threats affecting your sector

Why choose us as your crisis simulation specialists?

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Tailored simulations

Not all companies or threats are the same. We analyse your unique requirements and ensure that team members are fully equipped to respond to specific threats relevant to your industry – especially under pressure.

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We go where you need us

Prefer in-person training at the office? No problem. Would your team rather participate virtually? We’ll set up the call. Our facilitators are ready to accommodate you, no matter the request.

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We go beyond cyber crisis readiness

Our aim is to also help you foster and embed a pro-cyber security culture across every level of your business, allowing for sustained, ongoing resilience.

Cyber Crisis Simulation

What type of crisis simulations are available?

Choose from the various scenarios below or allow us to combine one or more for a simulation specially designed for your team and organisation:

  • Inside threat: What if a current employee has malicious intentions?
  • Supply chain disruption: What is the best course of action if key suppliers are being threatened?
  • Reputation management: Communication needs to be swift, accurate and timely. Let us show you how to effectively community during a crisis
  • External attack: Explore the various external threats that could impact your organisation
  • Natural disasters – Enhance your understanding of the cyber risks associated with an act of God

Are you ready to ensure that your organisation is safe, secure and equipped for future threats?

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