Drive more value from your applications

Apps written before the dawn of the cloud are rigid, hard to update and resource-intensive, putting a lot of cloud benefits out of reach. By modernising your legacy applications, your organisation realises a whole host of benefits – a faster release cycle, increased scalability, automated deployment and true portability across cloud platforms.    

Application modernisation benefits

  • Greater organisational flexibility and agility
  • Faster release lifecycle
  • Improved end user experience
  • Streamline development and operations
  • Portability across platforms
  • Ensures business continuity

What is application modernisation? 

Relying on legacy applications and IT infrastructure in a cloud-everything world means you are slowly bleeding market share (and customers) to more innovative, agile competitors. Application modernisation involves re-hosting, re-platforming or refactoring at-risk apps so they can run comfortably in modern environments.

This enables you to deploy agile and modular approaches to software development and deployment to revolutionise your IT. 

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Use cases

Improve performance

As your business expands, don’t let legacy applications hold you back. Cloud-native application modernisation improves business performance by offering greater flexibility, scalability, speed and functionality.

Deploy new features and services

As your business goals change, you need to be able to adapt. Modernised applications can be customised more easily enabling you to add new features and services that align with your future objectives and the needs of your customers.


Optimise costs

Maintaining outdated applications can be costly. Application modernisation will allow you to optimise costs by reducing technical debt and minimising operational costs associated with resourcing and maintenance.

A modern, cloud-based app will always be more resource-efficient, making it up to 90% cheaper to run. Even if you don’t need to totally overhaul an application, the cost-reduction alone is a compelling argument. 

Automated deployment

Modern applications are designed for automation. New versions can be deployed in seconds, and in a standardised way. This reduces time to market drastically and creates a more agile devops culture where new features and updates can be tested and implemented quickly.  This results in happier customers and more productive developers.

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Our approach

We start by implementing a cloud readiness assessment of your apps in-line with the 12-factor methodology, a methodology for building software-as-a-service applications. Not every app can become fully cloud-native, but most can become cloud-facing in some way. By getting to know your application, infrastructure, goals and development ambitions, we can deliver a roadmap to modernise your approach. 

A full overhaul isn’t always required, but every application needs to be revisited or retired to be used in a modern IT environment. From truly transformational outcomes, complete with auto-scaling, containerisation and CI/CD pipelines, to delivering SaaS-like experiences without touching the application source code, we can support a range of goals and scenarios.

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The ultimate goal for any technology decision or modernisation effort is to deliver business value. By modernising your applications, your development teams can stop fighting fires and start focusing on the future.