Get your infrastructure ready for the cloud

Successfully transforming your IT requires a considered approach. It all begins with a cloud readiness assessment of your where you are today, to identify how ready you are for cloud adoption.

As experts in agile cloud strategy and transformation, our cloud readiness assessment outlines your organisation’s best path forward, regardless of your current IT. 

By helping you gain clarity over your current infrastructure, we allow you to do more with your existing resources and uncover new opportunities for innovation.

We give you a clear understanding of the benefits of a cloud readiness assessment and their value and risks associated with the journey ahead.

At this point, you can carry out the project(s) yourself or partner with us to deliver the next steps.

Cloud readiness assessment benefits

  • Understand what’s needed to get cloud-ready
  • Cloud-agnostic analysis of your current environments
  • Cost-effective and low touch engagement that provides clarity
  • Bespoke transformation roadmap
  • A detailed report including migration plan and cloud costings
  • Understand the ins, outs and complexities of your existing environment
  • Get direction from cloud experts on your environments

What is Cloud Readiness? 

Our consultants perform a thorough Cloud Readiness assessment of your entire IT estate. We identify how ready you are to evolve your operations with the cloud. This includes a tooling assessment, cost vs benefit analysis and a security and risk assessment. The resulting report outlines exactly how ready you are for the cloud, including your options, a migration project plan and costing information.  

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Cloud readiness assessment methodology


At the core of the engagement is a comprehensive audit of your entire IT portfolio.

This aims to help you make informed decisions about your technology strategy. Focusing on the business drivers behind your move to the cloud, we can recommend the changes required to reach tactical and strategic objectives.

We’ll highlight quick wins to help you make fast, tactical progress while outlining the more complex requirements. 

Data collection

A detailed technical audit of your IT infrastructure. We use a range of non-invasive and automated cloud-based discovery tools to capture details of your infrastructure, application assets and their dependency mappings.

This phase takes place alongside discovery to save time and deliver insights faster. 


From a holistic overview right down to the nuts and bolts of your environment, we then analyse everything we’ve gathered, and deliver a set of clear and actionable insights.

This is where it all comes together, allowing us to build a true picture of where your IT is today relative to your business goals. It’s then up to us to join the dots and plot your journey forwards. 


Your cloud readiness assessment report will provide a detailed breakdown of everything we’ve learnt.

We’ll cover the methods and tools we used, the design of your existing environments, a summary of our findings and recommendations, risk assessment, recommended action plan and much more. 

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The insight you need for a cloud-first future 

The ease and agility of the public cloud offers organisations a range of transformative benefits. However, not all workloads are suitable or ready for cloud adoption. Likewise, simply moving existing services to the cloud won’t always deliver the outcomes you’re looking for. There’s a range of considerations to factor in, including licensing, hardware limitations, application architecture and latency.  

A Cloud Readiness Assessment looks at your existing infrastructure and applications to ensure a secure and low-risk migration to the cloud, identifying costs, suitable workloads for migration and playbooks for those that require more work. We marry up the business drivers behind your potential move to the cloud, understanding what your organisation needs out of the cloud and outline how you can deliver this outcome. 

Invest in what’s next

When it comes to the cloud, there’s a lot of talk about the potential for cost-saving, improved performance and operational agility. Rightly, organisations are keen to capitalise on this, but it takes the right approach to really make the most of the opportunity.

Our cloud readiness assessment makes a high-level analysis of your organisation that takes into account an infrastructure review, volumetric assessment and tooling assessment.

We then use the findings to deliver a report indicating your current cloud readiness state and providing a gap analysis, highlighting your next steps in order to get your infrastructure ready for the cloud.

Prioritise ambition. With infrastructure that’s ready for the future, and systems that will grow your business.