An integrated approach to cover your primary attack surface

For most malicious actors, endpoints are the main target to gain access to a company’s infrastructure. A favourite for ransomware and malware-based attacks, ensuring you have the right protection, detection and response capabilities when it comes to the primary attack surface. 

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We’re experiencing a proliferation of endpoints across increasingly complex organisations. Working across mobile, virtual, cloud and IoT environments, organisations are a complex web of variables to manage. Hackers see endpoints as a key target in any attempted breach. It’s no longer enough to trust a traditional signature-based Endpoint security solution.

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Because the target’s so wide, you need a solution that is embedded into your wider security strategy. Make sure you’ve got a connect solution that can link activity taking place in your networks and your wider infrastructure. An integrated approach to EDR helps close the loop on the attacks that inevitably get through. 

What is Managed EDR? 

Managed Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) describes a service that is outsourced to a trusted and skilled partner to protect your endpoints and then provide a rule-based detection and response process. Such an offering is put in place if you lack the in-house resources to manage this kind of solution but recognise the necessity of protecting critical data and assets, even if a threat slips through the net of regular organisational controls. 

A managed EDR system is multi-tiered and serves several functions. Initially it will monitor and collect data from endpoints across the organisation, looking for indicators that a threat is present. It will use human intelligence and AI to analyse this information and detect threat patterns. If a threat is detected, respond to contain or remove a threat and notify security staff. 

Benefits of Managed EDR 

  • Advanced Protection: Includes detection, response and integrated threat hunting.
  • Rapid Deployment: Simple to deploy and integrate.
  • Rapid Response: Spend less time on mundane tasks and elevate the focus to remediation.
  • Cost-effectiveness: No initial outlay, flexible terms, predictable costs.
  • Flexible: As a managed service, rapidly upgrade the solution as you need.
  • Evolve continually: Develop your solution at a pace and stay ahead of security risks.
  • Expertise: Monitoring, investigation and remediation from our 24/7 SOC.
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Why Ekco? 

Our Managed EDR provides a 24×7 automated, prevention-first endpoint security solution. It helps organisations protect, detect, and respond to security threats on their endpoints. The service can be delivered standalone or part of a more complete Managed Detection and Response (XDR) service.