Finding people with experienced leadership in the cyber security field is one of the biggest recruitment challenges for every company on the planet. It is a highly specialised field, that needs both deep technical expertise as well as an understanding of the current threat landscape and the latest best-practices to protect against them.

Ekco’s Cyber Talent as a Service helps you leverage the specialists you need with none of the downsides of lengthy and challenging complex searches, excessive fees, and endless rounds of interviews. It gives you access to experienced professionals that have been vetted, assessed, and validated by industry veterans.

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Our Service Offering

Our approach enables you to run a full cyber programme with experienced cyber experts. It offers you a path to take a risk-based approach to protect your most critical assets, supported by your in-house IT team or service providers. Ekco tailors a solution to your skills shortage with contract or permanent options. We deliver highly skilled people, that are explicitly selected to meet the needs of the project or role that is available. This is done thanks to our rigorous recruitment and onboarding process. We meticulously vet, test, and interview consultants, making sure they reach or surpass the technical requirements.

Our approach offers our clients the velocity and agility their skills gap challenge requires, in an affordable way.