The task of finding and recruiting for information security and senior technical appointments can often go beyond the normal area of expertise of an organisation. It is, however, critical to place people in these roles to cover the knowledge gap within a company.

The executive search service at Ekco opens the door to a full team of experienced technical consultants who take time to understand your organisation and its specific requirements for talent before kicking off the search process and offering you a view of the best talent around.

Executive Search

Our Service Offering

Ekco has built a team of dedicated specialists to provide the depth expertise needed to make sure ensure that on the most suitable and expert candidates are proposed.

By working this way, we ensure that every proposed candidate is thoroughly vetted by a multi-phase process that involves a forensic review of their technical and strategic skills. This trusted methodology has worked for many clients and ensures the highest quality of talent with a minimum of cost and time invested on your side.

The priority at Ekco is making sure that our client’s spend as little time on this process while delivering the best talent. We make an exhaustive process simple.