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Could one person in your organisation be the cause of a detrimental security breach?

Unfortunately, people are highly susceptible to manipulative tactics, essentially opening the door for cyber criminals to access your information, systems and infrastructure. By entrusting employees with your sensitive data and intellectual property, you also need to entrust them with your security. Our awareness training empowers employees to recognise malicious threats and potential cyber attacks through interactive training programmes and simulated campaigns.

What does the offering entail?

We will assist you in building a comprehensive and effective awareness programme that is:

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Built from start to finish, and in line with your strategic priorities and business objectives

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Tailored according to current employee knowledge and understanding

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Accessible via e-learning platforms

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Measurable through regular phishing tests, aimed at providing realistic threat simulations that assess and track employee performance.

How will this training benefit my organisation?

Security awareness training will help:

  • Reduce the likelihood of a costly breach
  • Assess each employee’s individual knowledge and competency
  • Promote discussion around protecting confidential information from unauthorised access
  • Protect your business, employees and customers
  • Reduce the risk of compromise

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