Supercharge your IT, supercharge your ambitions 

Digital transformation is about more than keeping up with the times. It’s about solidifying your company’s place in the future. Our end-to-end Microsoft Modern Workplace solutions will help you get there.   

We rethink your M365 environment, creating a fully harmonised estate with more efficient processes based on user self-service and policy-based automation. With an independent provider managing your environment, you can drive more value from your existing spend and make M365 work its hardest.

For end-users, the experience is seamless across your ecosystem, helping them get more done. Happy people means fewer tickets for your IT team, and there’s no management either since we handle that. With your compliance needs baked in, your security team will be happy too, reducing internal risk and controlling access.   

Our Microsoft Modern Workplace solution is highly effective and we have the technical knowledge and proven delivery to make it power your possible.

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What is Microsoft Modern Workplace? 

Microsoft Modern Workplace is a consulting engagement and ongoing managed service to improve and optimise your M365 platform. This takes care of endpoint security, cloud security, application and access, data and related IT infrastructure.  

We help you plan, migrate, transform, manage and optimise your M365 platform. The result is a secure, harmonised workplace platform that takes full advantage of the tools and automation within the M365 suite. 

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Use cases

Consistent employee experience 

While it’s an integral tool, M365 isn’t used in isolation. Collaboration tools, SaaS applications and third parties (like suppliers and agencies) need to be integrated or considered. This keeps data secure without negatively impacting the employee experience. The result is a progressive, agile workplace solution that covers all bases. With M365 optimised and managed by us, your business can become unstoppable. 

Better device management

We configure Microsoft Intune, marrying up best practices, our expertise and your policies so you can rest easy knowing all your devices are always covered.  

We implement a security standard that grants access based on function, device and location, factoring in the employee and the device. This can be extended to include personal devices if appropriate, ensuring corporate data remains secure and properly isolated. From within the Ekco platform, you can view device compliance and take action accordingly, helping you better protect corporate information.

Simplified support and admin

Once we’ve set the pace for your transformation with M365, it’s super simple to manage your workforce and devices from within the Ekco platform, even if you don’t have an in-house IT team.   

We deliver the environment that lets you get ahead, so there are no fixes or follow-ups for you to worry about. More problem solvers in your corner means more efficient ways of working. And more time to be bold. 

Partner with us, realise your potential 

Deploy a future-proof Microsoft modern workplace solution the first time around. Strengthening IT and ensuring BAU is one thing; helping you move ahead is another. We’re here to do more than just manage steady state. We’re here to help you move the needle and evolve for good. 

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