Fortify your defences and mitigate risk

As cyber-attacks increase and malicious actors find new ways to penetrate your defences, our Cyber Security Consultancy service will help you manage the risks, protect digital assets and build a resilient cloud infrastructure.    

We’ll develop a security-led strategy that enables you to achieve your business objectives and realise value from security investments. We’ll identify gaps in your current environment giving you the visibility to act. You’ll get recommendations to enhance your security maturity and improve regulatory compliance. 

Cyber Security Consultancy benefits

  • Support business objectives and align your security strategy
  • Reduce the risk of advanced attack
  • Streamline and optimise security operations
  • Minimise the cost of incident management
  • Safeguard your reputation and revenue
  • Demonstrate regulatory compliance

What is Cyber Security Consultancy? 

Our Cyber Security Consultancy service arms you with the knowledge to respond to security vulnerabilities. Risk assessments, auditing and penetration testing enable us to measure the efficacy of your security efforts and highlight areas for improvement. From web applications to mobile devices we’ll cover all aspects of your IT environment to give you a holistic view. We’ll then advise you on the best technology to help you monitor, manage, and control cyber threats.

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Use cases

Identify Threats

We’ll analyse your security controls, assess your policies and check that cloud-native tools are securely integrated. We create a risk assessment and work with your team to empower them with the knowledge they need to transform your approach to security. 

Take remedial action

Our Cyber Security Consultancy is designed to give you actionable outcomes to improve your security posture. Our experienced team will then undertake remedial action ranging from simple configuration updates to deploying more advanced security tools and applications. 

Instil a security-conscious culture

Security is more than just the technical solutions you have in place; it is a mindset. With most security breaches due to human error, our experts will instil a security-conscious culture, raising companywide awareness and delivering highly targeted training. 

Safeguard your reputation

The cost of a breach is well-documented, leading to a lack of trust and loss of revenue. Knowing where you’re most vulnerable helps you take proactive steps to mitigate the risk of a successful attack. Our integrated security testing service protects you further, delivering ongoing vulnerability scanning for you so that you can rest easy knowing your reputation is protected. 

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Evolve with the threat landscape 

With new cyber threats emerging all the time and more devices accessing your network every day, our cyber security consultants will develop a roadmap for securing your business now and support you in delivering it, so that you evolve and refine your approach over time.

Our security consultants work closely with our Security Operations Centre (SOC), who can validate and mitigate breaches on your behalf – freeing your people to focus on more strategic tasks. 

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Remove the complexities of cloud security 

Operating in the cloud comes with inherent complexities and risks. Whether you’re using Azure, AWS or VMware, we’re vendor-agnostic and can help you implement a range of security controls that will keep you safe and won’t slow you down. 

We hold a range of accreditations, including ISO 27001 and Cyber Essentials, and our consultants are skilled in a variety of standards. We’re experts in the real-world application of security. We’ll design security policies with your end-user in mind and apply technology in the most appropriate way to solve security issues while making sure you can move faster than your competitors. 

Why deal with risk when you can go straight to the reward? 

Understanding the current threat landscape is the best way to navigate your path forward. Our consultative service is designed to always keep you one step ahead of bad actors.  

It’s our job to keep pace with security best practices, giving you the peace of mind that your business is safe. Trust us to see what you may not when it comes to IT risk, so you can focus on building your unstoppable business.