Join us at 25 Fitzwilliam Place on Wednesday, 23rd November

Do any of us really believe we’ve reached our human potential?

One man who could certainly make that claim is extreme adventurer, athlete and speaker, Damian Browne. For the past 25 years, Damian has pursued his human potential, relentlessly pushing his body and mind to their limits.

Drawing on deep reserves of resilience, fortitude, strength and courage he recently became the first person to row from New York to Galway after 112 days at sea, covering over 3,450 nautical miles and surviving a journey fraught with danger and unpredictability.

Together with our technology partners, VMware and AWS, we’d like to invite you to our executive dinner to hear Damian’s unique back story and explore some of the key lessons we can all learn from him in our professional and personal lives.

We have senior IT and technology leaders from across industry in attendance and the fine dining experience of No 25 Fitzwilliam Place is always a draw.

Join us for a convivial evening of chat and friendly conversation with your peers.

This event is by invitation only.

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  • Date 23/11/2022