Why conduct regular penetration tests?

Failure to regularly perform penetration tests can lead to security breaches. A strong security posture requires effective cyber controls and reduced security incident risk. We conduct penetration tests either as a once-off or on a regular basis.

With once-off pen tests, we assess your company’s network, application, device, or physical security to identify vulnerabilities. Conducting regular pen tests is where we continually monitor the threat landscape on critical assets. Frequent penetration testing that enables companies to identify and prioritise risks, as well as stopping potential attacks.

The advantages of regular penetration testing

Our goal is to evaluate the overall security of your IT infrastructure. With our penetration testing tools and techniques, we can assess your company’s security posture and gain key insights into vulnerabilities attackers could exploit.

Our security specialists can address these blind spots, preventing shortcomings from turning into company liabilities. We increase your business continuity, protect your brand reputation, and help you avoid costly data breaches.

Our service offering

Our certified professionals use industry testing methodologies (OSSTMM, OWASP, NIST and PTES) to evaluate the level of risk for both your business and your operations. Our penetration testing services includes:

  • Web app penetration testing
  • Mobile app penetration testing
  • Infrastructure penetration testing
  • Red Team penetration testing
  • Legacy apps
  • Cloud systems
  • Devices –laptops, workstations, smartphones, tablets
  • Wireless networks
  • Remote access services


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