Get on the front foot with a proactive approach to threat detection and response

Many threats seek to avoid detection and sneak between the gaps of traditional security solutions. They try to tiptoe their way into your environment and proliferate in a quiet spot as they lie low, undetected. All while under-equipped teams and under-powered solutions struggle to deal with a deluge of threats.  

To combat this, many organisations realise they no longer want to focus internal resources on specialist areas of IT that are expensive to build and difficult to recruit for. Turning to a trusted and experienced partner to identify and track threats, optimise the efficiency of investigations, and conclude them more rapidly saves time and money as well as improves your defences.  

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What is Managed XDR and SIEM?

This solution is a combination of two essential services.

XDR (Extended Detection and Response) is a multi-layered security approach that works across your entire infrastructure, taking information from email, endpoint, server, cloud workload, and network. A wide-net approach accelerates threat detection and optimises investigation and response times.

A single plane of glass view to connect the dots.  

The second string to this bow is our Managed SIEM (security information and event management) a 24/7 threat monitoring service that uses state of the art technology, powered by AI, and enhanced by a team of experienced security analysts, who know every trick in the book.  

Delivering a managed XDR solution from our SOC (Security Operation Centre) gives our clients the absolute best in threat detection capabilities.  

You can download our eBook for more detail on how Ekco’s Managed XDR can help your IT team sleep better at night.


Managed XDR and SIEM benefits

Enhanced security

Early detection of complex threats through real-time normalisation, classification, correlation and analysis of data.

Operational efficiency

Reduces the time your people spend with mundane tasks and elevates the focus to remediation. 


No need for up-front software or training expenses. Flexible terms with predictable costs.


Our solution is fully managed by us, and we can upgrade it as rapidly as your business requires.

We grow with you

Evolve your solution at your own pace, to stay ahead of security risks.


Once the preserve of enterprises, Ekco’s Managed XDR and SIEM service delivers enterprise-grade managed security in an affordable manner for organisations of all sizes.


Always-on SOC uses a 24/7 team of cybersecurity experts providing monitoring, investigation, and remediation. 

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Why Ekco? 

Ekco’s Managed Security Managed XDR and SIEM service addresses many of the security challenges facing organisations today. We provide a sophisticated next-generation solution, delivered from our 24×7 SOC.  

We collect and correlate data across multiple security layers (from endpoint to cloud) and integrate with our managed SIEM and SOAR (security orchestration and response) solutions, preventing, detecting, responding, and remediating security incidents as the occur.  

Let us bear the load of this complex issue and free up your team to focus on higher value activities. 

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