Raw performance, without the hassle

Get the reliability and raw power that comes with dedicated infrastructure without the cost of building and maintaining it yourself.

When security, compliance or performance are fundamental to your success, dedicated solutions are unbeatable.

Available in all our data centres across Europe or on-premise, you can bring the cloud wherever you need it.

An end-to-end solution that includes ongoing cloud services, our dedicated cloud offers an agile stepping stone into the cloud without breaking the bank. 

What is a Dedicated Cloud? 

A dedicated cloud is an isolated cloud environment used by a single tenant. This is delivered as a service that includes all of the hardware and networking components needed to deliver cloud connectivity.

This approach is useful for compliance and data sovereignty requirements, where data needs to stay within a country or region for legal reasons, or for resource-intensive workloads, which can be prohibitively expensive to run on the public cloud. 

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Dedicated Cloud use cases

Data centre replacement

If you manage your own infrastructure, the hardware needs to be replaced every four to five years. Not only is this expensive, but it also creates a lot of work for your team.   

A dedicated cloud lets you break this cycle. We take care of all upgrades, patching and management for the lifetime of your platform while you pay a monthly fee based on usage. This makes budget forecasting simple and predictable.

Break-free with dedicated cloud

The first step into the cloud

Built to run any application without touching the codebase, our dedicated cloud provides a way to migrate legacy apps off-premise and begin their cloud journey. Even without altering the application, running it on a modern platform brings immediate benefits, such as high availability and disaster recovery.   

In time, the application is modernised with our help, bringing a whole host of benefits like a faster release cycle, automated deployment and application portability.

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Security, compliance and data sovereignty

Security, trust and risk are critical in a world where businesses succeed off their data and intellectual property. 

This creates a need for bespoke cloud solutions, which can be difficult or expensive to achieve with the Public Cloud. Add to this the need to follow frameworks and meet security standards, and dedicated solutions from flexible, agile providers like us become vital. 

How we can help

Application modernisation

By collocating workloads in the same data centre as a dedicated appliance, incremental cloud migration and modernisation can happen, ensuring low latency and high bandwidth between services. 

Once deployed on-site, our application experts take your existing infrastructure and app architecture, virtualise then containerise it, modernising the application and enabling portability without refactoring the entire application. 

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Proactive managed services

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Multi- and hybrid cloud friendly.

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Reduce time-to-value with us as your dedicated cloud partner

Dedicated Cloud doesn’t need to mean drawn-out timescales. You can get a production-ready cloud appliance delivered in a matter of days. Say where you need it, the configuration required, and we’ll take care of the rest. We can guarantee project delivery in 30 days, helping you reduce time to value significantly. 


Proactive managed services from a friendly, familiar team

Wherever your dedicated stack is deployed, our Network Operations Centre (NOC) will remotely manage it for you round the clock. We take the stress out of running your infrastructure, which is why our solutions come with 24×7 hardware and software support.   

We are always here to chat through options, approaches and fixes. Our people will become a trusted extension of your team, helping to share the load and make your life easier where possible.