Don’t neglect your physical, personnel, or organisational controls


Physical, personnel, or organisational controls are often forgotten when it comes to cyber security strategies and assessments. The reality is, social engineering forms part of a variety of attacks, including phishing, smishing, and vishing. As such, a full analysis of these factors is fundamental to your company’s risk management process.

Social Engineering Testing

What does the assessment entail?

Our social engineering service will allow you to:

  • Test the physical and organisational controls of your information assets
  • Determine personnel security awareness and competencies
  • Develop risk mitigation strategies, based on accurate findings
  • Perform ongoing representative phishing tests
Social Engineering

How will my organisation benefit?

The advantages of our social engineering testing include:

  • Enhanced security
  • SMART mitigation (specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and timely mitigation measures)
  • Stronger end-user awareness and knowledge
  • Reliable progress metrics

Learn where your organisation’s weaknesses can compromised.


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