Why aren’t more businesses excelling in the cloud?

Key insights into modern cloud from over 700 of your peers.

Organisations increasingly turn to cloud technologies to enhance operational performance, scale effectively, and future-proof their business infrastructure. Migrating to the cloud also offers the opportunity to replace outdated systems with cutting-edge solutions that leverage emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI). However, despite these compelling reasons, not every business achieves its desired outcomes in the cloud.

Join us on 12th June for our webinar, “Modern Cloud Insights: Why Aren’t More Businesses Excelling in the Cloud?­” where we will explore

the findings from Ekco’s 2024 Infrastructure Modernisation Survey. Our panel will discuss why cloud projects go wrong and how more cloud projects can succeed, transforming challenges into triumphs.


Key findings include:

  • Only 17% feel their infrastructure is completely optimised
  • 68% of cloud projects don’t achieve all objectives
  • 3 in 4 feel the C-suite do not have a strong handle on security

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Ekco’s 2024 Infrastructure Modernisation Survey

In our third Ekco Infrastructure Modernisation Survey we asked IT leaders in the UK, Ireland and the Netherlands about their cloud transformation projects. We wanted to know why businesses were making the move to cloud, whether cloud was meeting their expectations – and where it was falling short.

In this webinar we will share some of the key findings giving your business guidance on how to approach cloud transformation for better business outcomes.

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Here’s what you’ll learn:

Our expert panel will dissect the pitfalls and setbacks that many organisations encounter in their cloud projects. We’ll cover:

  • Moving to the cloud: The motivations for migration
  • The Cloud conquest: Delivering a successful cloud project
  • From good to great: Optimising the cloud
  • Cloud Fortification: Securing the cloud


  • Date 12/06/2024
  • Time @ 11:00