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Feeling overwhelmed by emails? Struggling to brainstorm engaging presentations? Microsoft Copilot for Microsoft 365 is your AI-powered secret weapon, seamlessly integrated with the tools you already use. It’s a whole new way of working that involves both software and culture. But before you dive in, ensuring the security of your data is paramount. That’s where Ekco comes in – your trusted partner for implementing Copilot with a security-first approach. 

The right choice for your secure Copilot implementation

Not all MSPs are created equal. When it comes to integrating Copilot securely, Ekco offers a unique advantage: our unwavering commitment to cyber security and our deep understanding of user adoption. We understand that successful Copilot implementation goes beyond just the technology.

How it works

Empower your people with customised enablement

We don’t just install Copilot; we equip your employees to leverage its full potential, securely. Our comprehensive training programs are designed to:

  • Build Confidence with Security Awareness: We educate your team on secure Copilot usage, mitigating potential risks and fostering a culture of data responsibility.
  • Unlock Productivity Potential: We offer in-depth training sessions tailored to specific roles, ensuring everyone understands how Copilot can streamline their workflows.
  • Drive User Adoption: Our dedicated support team provides ongoing guidance and answers questions, ensuring a smooth transition for all users.

By combining our security expertise with user-focused training, Ekco empowers your workforce to embrace Copilot with confidence, maximising its efficiency benefits.

Get started

Boost efficiency across teams: Some real-world use cases include


Effortlessly summarise candidate applications in Word or schedule interviews in Outlook with Copilot’s intelligent prompts. 


Craft captivating presentations in PowerPoint with data-driven insights from Excel, all at Copilot’s suggestion. 


Uncover hidden trends in your spreadsheets with Copilot’s powerful data analysis, saving you valuable time.


Generate targeted email drafts in Outlook or brainstorming creative campaign ideas in Teams – all with Copilot by your side.

All functions

Ask Copilot to summarise, translate, explain documents or ask questions about any content, and receive answers grounded in organisational data.

Unleash Untapped Potential

Copilot doesn’t just automate tasks – it unlocks the full potential of Microsoft 365. It learns from your interactions, suggesting smarter ways to work and helping you utilise features you never even knew existed.

Discover more

Ready to Get Started? Ekco’s Step-by-Step Guide to a Secure Microsoft Copilot Implementation

We understand the power of Microsoft Copilot to transform your business efficiency. However, security is our top priority. That’s why we’ve developed a comprehensive approach to ensure a smooth and secure Copilot implementation for your organisation. Here’s what you can expect: 

demo icon

Step 1: Explore the possibilities with a live demo

We’ll start by showcasing Copilot’s capabilities through a live demonstration. This interactive session will allow you to see Copilot in action and ask any questions you may have.

Step 2: Start small, start secure (optional)

To get a feel for Copilot, we recommend starting with the web version accessible through Bing Chat. This allows you to experiment with Copilot’s basic features in a low-risk environment.

Step 3: Assess your readiness with an in-depth analysis

For a more in-depth analysis, our pre-sales team will guide you through a brief questionnaire. This step helps us understand your current Microsoft 365 setup and identify any potential security considerations.

Step 4: Deep dive with the Copilot for M365 Workshop

The heart of our approach is the Copilot for M365 Workshop, or as we like to call it, your “Pre-departure checks”. This involves an assessment of your systems and data security posture to determine your readiness for Copilot. The workshop might reveal a need for additional data protection and classification measures.

Step 5: Addressing Data Protection Needs

If additional measures are required, our team will conduct a comprehensive cyber assessment to identify the necessary changes. This ensures your data remains secure throughout the Copilot adoption process. If there’s no requirement, you move straight to Copilot adoption.

Step 6: Secure Copilot Adoption – Phased Rollout

Once your environment is ready, we’ll begin a phased Copilot adoption. This generally starts with a small pilot group and then expands. We make sure that you have clear business objectives to achieve with your deployment and guide on that journey towards unlocking the value of Copilot.

The Secure Copilot Adoption

  1. Pilot Group: We start with a small pilot group, typically your IT staff, to familiarise them with Copilot and identify any initial challenges. We utilise short-term expiration licenses for Microsoft 365 during this phase. 
  2. Power Users: Following successful piloting, we expand access to power users who can leverage Copilot’s advanced features and champion its benefits within your organisation. 
  3. Main User Rollout: Finally, we’ll deploy Copilot to the broader user base, ensuring a smooth transition with comprehensive user training provided throughout the process. 

By following this step-by-step approach, you can unlock the power of Microsoft Copilot with confidence, knowing that your data security remains a top priority.

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