Unleash your potential with a Cloud Best Practice Assessment

The cloud is the go-to environment for businesses looking to operate modern and scalable IT systems. To get the most value from your investment, you need a planned and structured approach to deliver every cloud service 

For businesses already in the cloud, our Cloud Best Practices Assessment looks at your current position to ensure you’re on the right track. It looks for every operational and financial inefficiency so that you can get the most value out of your environment.  

Delivered as an agile engagement, you the value of our expertise from day one and not just when we deliver the final report. Tick off quick wins and deliver outcomes faster by partnering with us.

Cloud Best Practice Assessment Benefits

  • A light-touch route to transformative insights
  • Cloud-agnostic analysis of your current environments
  • A cost-effective engagement that provides clarity
  • Avoid the pitfalls and complexities of future cloud environments
  • Get the input of cloud experts on your environments
  • Maximise your cloud investments
  • Reduce risk through best practice

What is a Cloud Best Practices Assessment? 

Our Cloud Best Practice Assessment provides a thorough, vendor-agnostic analysis of your estate against best practice. Focusing initially on a technical assessment, but also looking at security, cost and operational processes along the way. The findings highlight areas of immediate concern, aspects that require further investigation and opportunities for improvement.

Use cases

Improve performance

All organisations want the best, most cohesive cloud platform to power their operations and future growth. To do this, you need leading expertise from cloud specialists that take the time to understand your business and what you’re trying to achieve. From technical quick-wins for individual workloads to high-level, transformational gains, our Best Practice Assessment helps you improve performance across your estate. 

Reduce cloud costs

It’s frustrating for IT teams when the public cloud doesn’t give you the value for money you were expecting. A Cloud Best Practice Assessment will work out where cost savings can be made by re-engineering your cloud estate, making the best use of all available tools, services and platforms. Our assessment will allow you to drive down cloud spend to make your budget work harder.

Operate more efficiently

It’s common for organisations to migrate to the cloud and find that, with systems spread across multiple cloud platforms, the admin and operational overhead becomes a burden, taking up too much internal resource to manage.

Without proper governance, documentation and management, an organisation’s instances, services and even providers can sprawl uncontrollably. This makes it difficult to predict costs, troubleshoot issues or plan. Our Cloud Best Practice Assessment will outline where efficiency gains can be made and how you can use the cloud better. 

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Enhance your cloud maturity 

Our Cloud Best Practice Assessment is a vendor-agnostic analysis of your existing cloud usage, extending to all major cloud providers including Microsoft Azure, AWS and Google Cloud Platform. The aim is to make your path ahead clearer, so you can make more progress toward cloud maturity in less time.  

We’ll look at your entire IT estate from the ground up to document and understand your current situation. This helps you realign with best practices to begin moving with more confidence in the cloud, enabling better decision making and faster speed to market. 

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IT expertise for a bolder business 

We have hands-on experience helping organisations at all stages of their cloud journey. We have the breadth and depth of experience to help you progress along the path of cloud maturity. Drive bigger outcomes from your existing investments. Together, we can set the pace for cloud transformation within your company. Achieve more than you thought possible. 

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