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Instead of looking for one platform to do it all, a hybrid cloud strategy brings public cloud and on-premise infrastructure together to create a unified environment. 

All within a cohesive, interconnected environment with a consistent approach to cloud security and management

The possibilities are endless – use dedicated infrastructure to meet low latency requirements, the public cloud for workloads with changing traffic volumes, keep critical or legacy apps running on-premise. 

Plus, our 24×7 support doesn’t just boost productivity. It gives you the time to focus on what you do best, and the freedom to be bold. 

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What is a Hybrid Cloud strategy? 

A hybrid cloud strategy is a mix of separate cloud environments – such as public cloud, on-premise infrastructure, the Ekco cloud and dedicated cloud – with connectivity or orchestration between each platform.  

Typically, a cloud becomes hybrid if it connects at least one private and one public cloud. A multi-cloud is similar in that it uses multiple platforms but involves more than one public cloud.

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To identify how a multi-cloud or hybrid strategy can help you, our cloud-agnostic experts perform a thorough cloud readiness assessment of your IT services, infrastructure, organisation, processes and objectives.   

This ensures our recommendations are feasible and deliver maximum value as quickly as possible. We have the people and experience to deliver your end-to-end hybrid cloud strategy and project. From platform selection and design to connectivity and cloud migration, we have specialists in every discipline to make your move to hybrid cloud stress-free and simple. 

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