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Database not performing? Lacking the skills to understand your data strategy and effectively execute against it? Or maybe you’re looking at spiralling database costs and want to get a handle on how to tame them.

Ekco is the expert in managing your databases, no matter where they reside. With decades of experience and a unique approach to problem solving and delivering a managed service, we have the skills and expertise to solve your database issues.

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Clients benefit from

24/7 Support

With our 24/7 monitoring & support, focused incident reporting, and proactive reparation, we address issues before they become problems, giving your team their time back.

Proactive Monitoring & Optimisation

Our team is part of your team. We are constantly look for ways to improve your systems and enhance the performance your SQL Servers.

Improved SQL Server Security

Periodic reviews of the attack surface, Accounts and Authentication, Privilege Escalation and more, to keep your estate safe.

Managed SQL Server

Our team of Microsoft Certified Experts continually look for ways to improve your systems, optimising and tuning your SQL Servers, giving you the powerful solutions you need to support and grow your business.

We ensure you have detailed insights into all components in your SQL estate, as well as a full overview and comprehensive information on all activities. Our next generation Advisor service also highlights opportunities for improvements around performance, cost optimisation, data and security.

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SQL Server Consultancy

Our Consultancy Services are geared to help you identify security vulnerabilities, efficiencies, improvements and enhancements in Microsoft SQL Server which will help your business make more informed, strategic decisions to accelerate your technology journey.

Delivered by a team of Microsoft SQL Server Experts with years of experience across a wide range of customers, they have the insight into different needs and requirements across a multitude of application landscapes to ensure a positive outcome – no matter the starting point.

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SQL Server Security

Securing Microsoft SQL Server estates has never been more important, with brute-force attacks against database servers ramping up and MS SQL being at the top of the target list. Attackers can leverage the many extensibility features that SQL Server provides to integrate with other Windows components and features to elevate their privileges and gain full control of the underlying servers and infrastructure.

By working with Ekco’s trusted specialists, businesses can benefit from Managed Services that aim to reduce the attack surface and vulnerabilities associated with SQL estates.

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SQL Server Management

  • Database & Instance Management
  • Patch Management
  • SQL Server Upgrades
  • Capacity Planning
  • Security Administration
  • Backup Administration, Testing & Recovery
  • Health & Security reviews
  • Event & Incident Management
  • Monitoring
  • Performance Tuning
  • Release support
  • Emergency Support (24/7/365)


Database Review

Performance, stability and data integrity. The three pillars of the Ekco’s Database Review Service, aimed at getting the most out of your databases at the minimum cost to you. With our unique methodology and decades of experience managing databases, we’re confident we can get you a faster, more reliable database at a lower price.

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How can Ekco help?

Our DBA specialists support a wide range of customers with different needs and requirements, and have expertise in high-transaction mission-critical systems. We deliver the highest quality of service through standardised processes and procedures that we have refined on our journey in becoming leading SQL experts.

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