Security and infrastructure Management

Does your board have the ability to identify and respond to advanced threats?

Our adversary emulation service will enhance your organisation’s ability to mitigate, identify and respond to the latest cyber attacks and data breach techniques. Our industry-leading offering incorporates real-life scenarios and simulations relevant to your particular sector.

Our monthly adversary emulations incorporate a four phased approach:

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1. Identify the various components of your security strategy, including monitoring, defence and response capabilities

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2. Implement attack scenarios, taking careful note of all activities for blue team response comparison

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3. Carefully evaluate the efficacy of current controls, providing improvements and recommendations where required

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4. Compile a comprehensive report, providing a detailed outline of activities and responses during testing

Benefits of our approach

Our phased approach will enable you to:

  • Execute read team exercises
  • Map out your blue team capabilities
  • Demonstrate security effectiveness
  • Enhance your controls based on real telemetry
  • Assess the performance of your endpoint security providers

Ultimately, the key to protecting your organisation against critical threats is preparation and consistent and accurate testing.

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