The perfect platform, with personalised support

When the public cloud isn’t suitable but building a platform in-house is inconvenient, there’s the Ekco Cloud.

Built using VMware technology and available across Europe, this platform sits at the core of what we do.

From day-to-day operations to your next innovation, the Ekco Cloud powers high-usage workloads for hundreds of businesses across Europe. 

Our familiar, ever-helpful team will take care of management day-in-day-out, giving your people the headspace to think big. Suddenly, the impossible isn’t. 

Benefits of the Ekco Cloud


Redundant connectivity

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Pay as you go billing

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Simple administration


Immediate ROI

Ekco cloud

Made-to-measure cloud, without the hassle

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24x7x365 remote managed services.

Use cases

Ensuring security

Security, trust and risk are critical in a world where everything is connected, and businesses rely on their data to deliver success.  

This creates a need for bespoke or tailored cloud services and solutions, which can be difficult and expensive to achieve with public cloud services. Add the requirement to follow frameworks and security standards like ISO27001 and ISAE3402, and highly customisable platforms like the Ekco Cloud become crucial.

How we can help

Get more from your infrastructure

Flexible cloud infrastructure and application modernisation services are crucial for businesses today. Those who take this seriously can adapt to market trends and quickly adopt new strategies, positioning them better for success.  

As businesses become more dynamic, the infrastructure supporting their operations needs to flex and change. Unfortunately, reverse engineering this is challenging and expensive.  

Migrating to a more modern platform brings instant benefits and forms the start of a longer-term transformation effort. We have the people and experience to support the next phase of your growth and can move as fast or as deliberately as you need.

Optimise your infrastructure

Getting applications cloud-ready

Applications change as your company becomes cloud-first. The Ekco Cloud provides a stepping stone for traditional apps that need migrating away from on-prem infrastructure.  

Using a modern platform without changing the application brings immediate benefits. High availability, for example, is baked into the Ekco Cloud to ensure your apps are always on, even if the hardware fails. Similarly, disaster recovery is easy to set up, ensuring resilience in the face of an entire data centre failure.  

Once your app has migrated, we can support your application modernisation journey, which in many cases means containerising it. With mobility between cloud environments, this removes the risk of vendor lock-in.

Get your applications cloud-ready with us

Hybrid and multi-cloud deployments

The public cloud is highly adaptable but isn’t suitable for every use case or organisation. The Ekco Cloud offers a stepping stone for cloud enablement, acting as a staging environment between existing and cloud-native platforms 

With a blueprint of data centres across Europe that interconnect with the public cloud, your ambition is unlimited. With Ekco as your cloud partner, you can run full hybrid cloud or multi-cloud environments with consistent managed services across your estate. We’re here to make things easier today while helping you move towards a better tomorrow.

Get hybrid and multi-cloud ready

Our proven VMware specialism 

The Ekco Cloud uses VMware technology. As a Principal Partner, VMware’s highest partner accreditation, we have their seal of approval as true experts and a provider you can trust.  

From pre-sales to support, we are your VMware experts that help you cut out the guesswork and make the right decisions; faster. We have a VMware Cloud Verified platform in Hamburg, and we are certified in VMware on AWS, enabling a hybrid cloud solution with total integration and interoperability. 

Get VMware cloud verified platform

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A platform to power your possible 

Our customers choose to host with us to ensure security and resilience and free up their busy people from day-to-day management. Add the fact it’s a highly customisable platform that we mould to fit your business, and it’s just like building your own, but without the hassle.  

Once in production, your platforms are cared for around the clock, adding our deep, cloud-agnostic expertise to your internal skillset. 

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We’ve got your back 

Our proactive managed services take the pressure off your internal people. We deal with the repetitive day-to-day administration of your platform to keep it healthy. Every provider has a slightly different interpretation of what management includes, but for us, it means 24×7 support from cloud experts who manage up to the OS.  

Free your teams to focus on the projects and innovation that drive your business forward. Don’t worry about the infrastructure that’s supporting it – we’ve got that covered.

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