Hosted Desktops at the speed of your business 

Productivity matters. Our hosted desktop platform and proactive support keep your people working, which in turn keeps your customers happy. Your support team will love it because it simplifies their workflow while giving them control.  

We take care of the entire hosted desktop platform, giving you a scalable, flexible platform that powers your desktop and app experiences. Together, we can set the pace for digital transformation in your organisation. And achieve more than you thought possible. 

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What is a hosted desktop?

A hosted desktop delivers your employees desktop environment – that’s the operating system, apps, data and settings – over the internet. While the end-user experience is consistent, all data gets stored in the cloud rather than locally. This gives more control over company data while allowing employees to securely log in from any device, anywhere in the world, to access their files and applications.  

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We have several platforms available spanning technologies like Microsoft RDS, VMware Horizon View, Citrix, Azure Virtual Desktop and Microsoft 365. We tailor your hosted desktop solution to your exact needs, using the best technology for the job. Each platform comes fully managed, which can also cover end-user support if you need it. 

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Use cases

Hybrid and remote working 

Hybrid working is here to stay, which means IT needs to secure corporate data and applications while controlling costs. The pressure to enable a fully flexible workforce without sacrificing security or control can force organisations to rethink their frontline IT. Hosted desktops are one route that can deliver the efficiencies, flexibility and security businesses need. 


Modernising end-user compute 

In-house hosted desktop solutions tend to be rigid and hard to scale, often because of their age. If scale isn’t factored in at the start, it’s difficult for your desktop solution to move as fast as your need.   

Building future-proof and scalable hosted desktop solutions comes second nature to us. You can scale your usage up and down with a single click. Plus, you never have to worry about the supporting infrastructure. As one of the country’s leading hosted desktop providers, we have that covered. 

Supporting legacy applications 

Organisations are living with legacy applications that aren’t easily lifted and shifted to the cloud. Desktop as a Service offers a way to host legacy apps in a cloud-like way without rearchitecting them. After migration, end-users access the app from the cloud, often via a shortcut on their desktop, just like a SaaS app. This provides a stepping-stone into the cloud without a long and expensive application modernisation project. 

Reducing the support burden 

Internal support tickets for operating system and application issues can massively slow down your IT team. Hosted desktops remove most of these tickets entirely, freeing up your busy people to focus their energy on more innovative projects.   

There are more gains to be made if you host your own VDI platform at the moment. Migrating to our hosted desktop platform means that you no longer need to manage the infrastructure, again freeing up valuable people. Finally, end-user administration is streamlined with a hosted desktop solution, simplifying your workflow again. 

All fixes, no follow-ups 

Our managed service for hosted desktops covers  

  • Packaging, hosting and managing your applications  
  • Keeping your desktops and the underlying infrastructure up-to-date and secure
  • Ensuring desktop performance and stability.  

Each time you call our support desk, you’ll speak to the same people. Not only will they know your name, but they can also help you move forward. Get in touch today to kick off the conversation. 

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