Our incident response planning service equips you to handle security breaches effectively. Our team of Security Analysts can be mobilised at any time, allowing you to focus on what you do best. Here are the key features:

  1. Initial Planning and Preparation: Workshops with our experts to create or revise your security incident response plan.
  2. Incident Readiness: Stress-testing your team through training and simulated attacks to enhance incident response skills.
  3. Expertise On-Demand: Our experienced security team advises on various technologies and scenarios.
  4. Service Level Reviews: Regular quarterly reviews and monthly reports.
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Why Ekco? 

No Recruitment Hassles: We eliminate the need to hire specialised security staff.

  • Proactive Safety Net: Use us as your round-the-clock security safety net.
  • Supercharge Your Security: Combine incident response readiness with other SOC services like SIEM and device management for more comprehensive protection.

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