The importance of best-in-class enterprise architecture

The architecture of cloud-based applications is crucial for both security and flexibility. The fast pace of technological change, lack of specialist knowledge, difficulties in implementation, and complexity of solutions require continual change to support the ongoing digitalisation of businesses.

Technology is a driving force in business competitiveness and your company’s success can be limited if you are unable to keep up. A multi-cloud architecture can improve application performance and reduce costs while complying with regulations. Our team of cloud, enterprise and security architects can help your business drive innovation. We combine technical and business knowledge to plan and manage information systems, as well as bridge the communication gap between IT and business stakeholders.

Enterprise Architecture

Our enterprise architecture solutions accelerate your strategy

Architecture is a key element in ensuring your company’s strategy is successfully implemented. You need purpose-built and resilient business solutions that can scale at the same pace as your business. We analyse your existing architectural data and identify, design and implement improvements to help enhance the overall performance and efficiency of your business.

We also ensure your enterprise architecture is standardised, centralised and automated so your business remains competitive in the long term. Security is implemented at each layer of the solution to mitigate potential risks and threats, while ensuring compliance with governance regulations and standards. Technical complexity is also reduced to make your enterprise architecture more manageable and easier to maintain.

Our service offering

Our team can analyse your needs and build a cloud application that follows best practices while supporting your unique business objectives.

Enterprise architecture
  • Analyse current architecture and systems to detect inefficiencies
  • Develop road maps to improve your existing infrastructure
  • Manage complex and large-scale digital transformation
  • Implement your strategy, vision and design
  • Select technology (RFP, RFI and POC)


Cloud solution architecture
  • Reduce complexity and maximise your budget
  • Review and redesign your solution
  • Analyse security operating practices and configurations
  • Ensure the security and data integrity of systems
  • Modernise services and apps
  • Create and implement cloud solutions to migrate on-prem workloads to the cloud, keeping disaster recovery top of mind
  • Use accelerators, automation, and best practices to simplify your deployment and adoption of new and upgraded technologies.
Security architecture
  • Review architecture and security with a focus on the compliance and security of your project throughout the Systems Development Lifecycle (SDLC)
  • Design and continually enhance your security through upgrading workflows and configurations
  • Uncover risks early and advise on security solutions
  • Ensure governance requirements are met
  • Assist with risk, compliance and audit findings and give direction on any necessary remediation

Future-proof your security with our enterprise solutions


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