Security that never sleeps

Historically, security testing has been a once in a while task for some companies. Others don’t test at all.  

With your infrastructure changing frequently, and so many security challenges to wrestle with, this is no longer an option.

You need a way to continually manage risk and detect threats.

Continuous security testing brings a range of vulnerability and threat defence activities together, carried out by our security experts for you. We reduce the time between discovery and remediation, making it easier for your business to stay safe. 

More problem solvers in your corner so that you can focus on what really matters; carving out headspace for your team to look ahead and think big. 

Full-stack security testing features

  • 24×7 full-stack vulnerability scanning – Scans for network, operating system, database and application vulnerabilities 
  • 24×7 Threat defence from our Security Operations Centre (SOC) 
  • OWASP TOP 10 vulnerability detection – Investigation, prioritisation, reporting and remediation from certified PEN testers 
  • Application change monitoring – Delivers an up-to-date status of your security posture 
  • Timely, accurate alerting – enables rapid response and mitigation 
  • Correlation of real-time threat and vulnerability data 
  • Vulnerability management dashboard 
  • Tailored reporting.

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What is continuous security testing? 

Continuous security testing searches your applications and IT infrastructure 24×7 for vulnerabilities. Using a variety of security methods and technologies, we make you aware of any weaknesses earlier so they can be investigated and resolved faster. 

Our continuous security testing service covers full-stack vulnerability scanning, 24×7 threat defence, investigation and remediation, and much more.

This spans our Security Operations Center (SOC), Governance, Risk and Compliance team and penetration testing specialists, providing a full suite of expertise for unbeatable coverage. 

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Security testing that supports your strategy 

Provided as a service to keep your team away from monitoring dashboards, this tried and tested approach goes beyond ad-hoc testing,
delivering a managed service that keeps you safe, providing you with a clear idea of your ongoing security status.

Strengthening your security, so you can move ahead.
Together, we can set the pace for digital transformation in your company, one objective at a time.