The platform that powers your possible

The data you need is always at your fingertips,
and we’re always by your side. So that you’re in
control, and so that nothing holds you back.

  • Get insights into your core services
  • Understand your security posture
  • View your service level agreements (SLA)
  • Track your usage.
Operational reports
  • Server environment insights – backup status, uptime, managed services and more.
  • Desktop environment insights – device inventory, compliance status, software history, update status and more.
  • Support insights – Ekco ticket statistics, SLA reporting, user satisfaction.
Security reports
  • Vulnerability reporting – known vulnerabilities and solutions, Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVE) score, likelihood of abuse.
  • Security baseline reporting
  • Account insights – last password change, unused user accounts, admin accounts.
  • Authorisation matrix – app access overview, shared folders, SharePoint sites, mailboxes.
Cost control 
  • Cloud consumption reports
  • License consumption reports
  • Track your voucher balance
  • Understand all the features, details and SLAs for your Ekco services.
  • Learn more about the ones you’re missing out on.
Ekco Portal on iPad

The best of both worlds

The platform puts you in control, but you’re never alone. It gives you visibility and insight when you need it, but your dedicated Ekco team still manage your services around the clock.

From quick queries to brainstorms, we’re only ever just a phone call away. 

How we support you

Coming soon

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Compliance center

Insights in the regulations, policies and certifications that apply to your Ekco services.

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Helpdesk integration

Integrate your helpdesk system with our platform. View everything in one place and track progress easily.

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Knowledge base

An extension of documentation that’s packed with guides and how-tos to make your life easier.