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IP Expo 2017

Tomorrow, Cloudhelix are taking a roadtrip. We head to join the rest of the industry’s best and brightest at Europe’s largest enterprise IT event: IP Expo 2017 in London.

Key speakers from in around the IT world will include Professor Brian Cox, UCB’s Professor Stuart Russell and Microsoft’s Brad Anderson among others.

So with us so excited to go (despite the expected tube strikes), we thought we would share our top three companies we’ll be talking to and the top three talks we’ll be attending!

The IP Expo Seminars we’ll be attending

  1. Human-compatible artificial intelligence

This one’s a bit of a doozey for the team at Cloudhelix right now! Why you ask?

Well we can only be vague, but we’re excited to say our R&D time whenever we have some is very much focused on it.

Professor Stuart Russell

This leads us to be very excited about this first seminar for day two of IPExpo 2017; a talk by Professor Stuart Russell from the University of Berkley, California on the need for a specific approach in the field of human-compatible artificial intelligence.

With all the hype and arguments at either end of the scale, it will be very interesting to hear what professor russell has to say on such a hotly debated topic.

  1. Shifting to a multi-cloud model that is fit for the future

The second seminar sees Nutanix’s own Mark Lewis leading a talk on the benefits of multi-cloud infrastructure.

This is something we’re massive advocates of, having talked about in depth and implemented for a range of customers. Hybrid cloud, multi cloud and future-proof cloud infrastructure… they’re all hot topics, making this a must-see.-

IP Expo 2017

Mark will be talking around a move that makes infrastructure practically ‘invisible’ is in essence saying that multi-cloud is the road to making your IT team twice as effective as it is now, with the cost efficiency benefits to boot.

  1. The big fat IoT panel of the year

It will be a jam packed day as it is, but the final seminar of the day will be a panel.

IoT isn’t traditionally thought of alongside the Cloud much, although it most definitely will be in the coming years.

At present, Cloudhelix uses Microsoft Azure Dynamics run through our company’s data centre in London to leverage a logistics function for one of our biggest clients.

People tend to forget that even something as little as RFID tags for stock control utilise an IoT function through the cloud, and in doing that you have helped automate and articulate while bringing incredible accuracy to an entire logistics division of a huge UK firm.

We all enjoy a panel so this will be a great way to end the day seeing what the big fat panel has to say!

The companies we’re looking out for

We’re not just heading to IPExpo to see what’s happening in the industry, the big themes and to go to the cool talks.

There are always companies that we would love to meet, as you never know until you really have a talk person to person what you could do for each other. Some of our must-visits include Pure Storage, Openreality, Lumeta, Splunk and Puppet.

Pure Storage Flash Cloud

Enjoy the show, be sure to keep up with everything we’re seeing, hearing and talking about over on our Twitter.

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