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Pat Larkin


Pat Larkin, Cybersecurity Leader at Ekco, was recently appointed as Chairperson of Cyber Ireland. In his address as incoming Chairperson, Pat Larkin said, “I am honoured and excited about this new role. The Irish cyber sector has a timely opportunity to achieve Cyber Ireland’s goal of achieving a global leadership position in the medium term.

We have very attentive national and international consumer, business and political audiences for national cyber security success, based on the current geopolitical situation and the frequency and impact of cyber attacks on business, critical national services such as the HSE, and consumers.

Ireland is a leader in digital technologies and digitally dependent businesses. To further capitalise on digital transformation these companies need a strong, innovative cyber security sector protecting current and future investments.”

Pat Larkin at Cyber Ireland

Pat Larkin at ‘Cyber Security for our Digital Economy’s Growth’ panel discussion with Paul McKiernan, Dani Michaux, and Karl Flannery, discussing the immediate and critical cyber security challenges that impact technology companies in Ireland and how these can be addressed at Technology Ireland in Ibec. (Image courtesy: Cyber Ireland)

To read more about Pat’s and the Cyber Ireland Advisory Board’s plans for the upcoming year, visit the Cyber Ireland website.

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