Information security is not a once-off project, but a continuous process. Not only is the world changing at lightning speed, new threats are constantly emerging that need to be addressed. This means that your information security will only remain at a high level if it is given regular attention. That is why we have introduced IBI Services.

Transparent dashboard

With IBI Services, we ensure continuous attention to your information security. One of these elements is providing a dashboard that shows exactly what the current state of information security in your organisation is. The dashboard highlights which measures have been taken and what scores are used to keep track of how security is developing within your organisation.

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Continuous development

In addition, various checks of technical measures take place continuously, allowing you to see changes on a daily basis.

Because our security team keeps track of best practices in information security throughout the year, the IBI Baseline is continuously updated. By using IBI Services, you are always in the know and your organisation can respond to changes immediately.



Comprehensive periodic analysis

Part of our IBI Services is a periodic analysis of the established measures. Depending on your subscription, we regularly perform comprehensive audits, where we review the actions for improvement. We also review your information security plan and discuss the baseline for the coming period. If required, we can also hold workshops on a regular basis, where we redefine your  principles and strategic policy.

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