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Successful organisations that truly stand out from others are not only aware of the need for digital transformation, but also know the risks of modern working. Unfortunately, these risks are constantly changing and it’s very easy to lose track of all the security threats your company faces if there is no continuous focus on IT security.

Without an integrated approach, however, digital security can be a costly affair and may not even be as effective as you’d hoped. This is where Ekco’s Integrated Baseline for Information security (IBI) comes in.

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IBI in seven clear steps

Securing your IT environment and business information is a continuous process that requires a thorough and structured methodology. This is why we approach your IT security periodically, where we re-run your risk analysis regularly, keeping in mind the latest changes in technology and your organisation.

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Integrated Baseline for Information security

With our Integrated Baseline for Information security (IBI), we have developed a holistic approach that gives you visibility over the information security posture of your organisation. Our IBI is based on the ISO 27002 standard, which also forms the basis of the ISO 27001 standard. Both of these are international standards that advise companies on how to manage information security.

Some of the elements we cover in our Integrated Baseline for Information security include:

  • Organisation around information security (roles, policies, agreements);
  • Security of users and their identity (multi-factor authentication, password policy, access policy, awareness, etc.);
  • Communication security (email, teams, files, etc.);
  • Security of workstations and equipment (policies, configuration, requirements)
  • Business continuity (backup, fallback, hardening);
  • Development and maintenance of information systems (management agreements, requirements for new systems, etc.);
  • Legal standards and requirements (such as General Data Protection Regulation – GDPR – and the Data Protection Act 2018);
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IBI Services provide smart and continuous security analysis

Securing your company’s data and IT systems should not be a once-off occurrence. With our IBI Services, we do daily checks and periodically conduct comprehensive analyses, as well as continuously develop your Baseline. Our user-friendly dashboard also helps organisations keep information security continuously transparent.

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Our approach

Our security policy starts with a thorough risk analysis, where we map your organisation’s security situation and test the environment against our Baseline. By discussing the details of our analysis with you and using best practices, we are then able to advise which measures are best suited to your situation. Together we determine a campaign plan and create a calendar, so that the impact remains manageable. In addition, we regularly check whether the agreed measures have been implemented correctly.

Demonstrable results

Besides implementing the right measures, which ensures that you comply with the established policy, we pay a lot of attention to documenting this process. This provides you with the proof you need for compliance with audits or GDPR.

Not only do we provide an up-to-date security policy with supporting documents, your My Ekco dashboard also provides instant insight into the current status of your situation. This not only helps you get a better night’s sleep, but also ensures better conversations with your accountant.