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There’s been a trickle-down of technology from large to smaller organisations, caused by the rise in remote working. While this brings new opportunities, it also presents challenges for MSPs, who will need to support new and more complex initiatives.   

Ekco’s Partner Programme offers MSPs, VARs and consultants a lifeline, providing access to additional service capabilities and taking care of delivery. In this post, we explore how MSPs can benefit from working with a single partner like Ekco to support a wider range of outcomes. 

A Single Point of Contact

When an organisation explores new technologies or initiatives, it’s brilliant news for incumbent MSPs. At least, it is if you can deliver on the requirements.  

If you are an MSP and a customer needs a service that falls outside your portfolio, the fastest and safest solution is to partner with a provider who can roll it out on your behalf.  

It takes time and money to upskill (or hire) people to create a new service. By partnering with an end-to-end cloud provider, you can keep customers happy with a wide range of services that generate additional revenues.  

If a particular service turns out to be a hit, then you can always explore bringing it in-house down the line. 

Access a Whole World of Technologies

For every organisational challenge, there are many software solutions that can help. Each comes with its use case, pros and cons but, unfortunately, one solution won’t suit every customer. Take business continuity as an example: we work with a range of solution providers including Zerto, Veeam, StorageCraft, Ahsay and Asigra.  

MSPs partnering with Ekco get access to all of these technologies. They can be mixed and match to deliver robust data protection for end customers. A single relationship gives endless possibilities. This means you can focus on scoping solutions with customers and we’ll take care of the rest. 

A Trusted Partner for Trusted Partners

Ekco is essentially a network of local, specialist cloud teams across Europe who serve their local market brilliantly. These local teams mean that MSPs get fast, responsive support when they need it. Whether that’s troubleshooting or mapping out a creative solution with a customer, we’re all ears. If a particular skill or specialism is required, you have over 100 engineers you can use for meetings and pitches. 

We aim to give the best of both worlds: we have the expertise to deliver truly remarkable outcomes, alongside localised support so that we always stay personal. We’re flexible in how we partner with you, rather than enforcing a blanket approach that suits us. 

Transformation efforts are complex so customers like to simplify their sourcing. Rather than miss out on the opportunity to become that sole supplier, smart MSPs need a partner to help them fill the gaps and drive more profound outcomes for their customers. You can learn more about our partner programme here.

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