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Ekco, a leading founder-led European cybersecurity and managed cloud provider based in Dublin, has won 13th place in this year’s Deloitte Technology Fast 50 Ireland 2022. This is the second year running that the company has featured on the list. In 2022, Ekco’s annual revenue increased by 97% and the company now employs over 600 people, up from a team of around 35 in 2018.

Deloitte Technology Fast 50 Ireland 2022

Commenting on Ekco’s win, Steve Macnicholas, CEO of Ekco Ireland, said, “This year we have continued to focus on our primary business aim of being a leading security-first, managed cloud provider in our operating markets. Our approach is to continually enhance our group capabilities to better service our customers’ growing technical needs. Security is a key concern for our customers, so in the last year and a half we have centred on building a dedicated cybersecurity practice in the Ekco group. We now have 180 cybersecurity specialists as a part of our team, making Ekco the largest cybersecurity business in Ireland.

In the past 14 months Ekco has acquired three pure play cybersecurity providers in Ireland – Ward Solutions, Kontex and Caveo Systems. Unity Technologies, which has both security and managed cloud offerings, is now also part of the Ekco group.

Other than cybersecurity, Ekco also offers highly complementary IT services including backup; disaster recovery; private, hybrid and public cloud; and networking. This means that they can give their customers a much more comprehensive set of capabilities, addressing all of their needs, with security being top of mind.

When asked what he thinks the technology sector will be focusing on in 2023, Macnicholas notes, “We foresee continued consolidation in the cyber security industry in vendors and service providers. The range of skills, technologies, service and levels of geographic coverage needed by organisations means that niche players will struggle to provide the technical services or resources that their customers need. Next year Ekco plans more targeted cybersecurity acquisitions across Ireland, the UK and the Netherlands to build on our current capacity and capabilities.”

Founded in 2016 by entrepreneurs Eoin Blacklock and Jonathan Crowe, Ekco has expanded rapidly over the past six years, with 17 locations across Europe. The company is set to continue its impressive growth trajectory, having recently received significant capital and strategic backing from B2B technology-focused investor, Corten Capital.

When asked what Ekco’s success could be attributed to, Macnicholas said, “It’s ultimately about our people. Every member of our team is an expert at what they do and they enable us to keep on pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. Although having the best technology solutions for our clients is critical, it’s also about having the best team who can be their trusted advisors and match their cybersecurity and cloud needs to the most relevant solutions.”

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