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Cloud and security services provider Ekco today announced further European expansion with the acquisition of technology services company, ITON in the Netherlands for an undisclosed sum.

The acquisition marks another milestone in strengthening the company’s market position in the cloud computing sector. It brings to 336 the number of people employed by Ekco including a team of 75 cyber security professionals who can assist organisations with cyber risk mitigation and protection of their mission-critical digital assets.

The company is aiming to take its cloud services mainstream with ambitious plans to become a top four managed cloud services player across Europe.

Commenting on the deal, Jeroen van den Nouwland, chief revenue officer with Ekco said:

“We are very pleased with the acquisition of ITON. In terms of DNA, there is an excellent match with, among other things, the priority given to a local, personal and flexible approach in helping clients to achieve their technology goals. The portfolio of products and services also matches seamlessly.”

Ekco was founded in 2015 as InternetCorp, and has since made several successful acquisitions across Ireland and the UK. Previous acquisitions such as Cloud2 in the Netherlands have flourished in the Ekco group with Jeroen van den Nouwland growing revenues tenfold with his team.

Ekco has over 2,500 enterprise clients worldwide, including Coolblue, Landal GreenParks and ORTEC in the Netherlands.

The future of cloud services

For many companies, cloud services are essential components and building blocks that can accelerate innovation based on technologies such as AI. An increasingly wide range of applications are based in a data centre, which are the foundation of our digital economy. Companies increasingly want to move away from their own servers or data centre. The desire to migrate to a private or public cloud solution continues to grow.

ITON and Ekco boast strong synergies across their respective service portfolios. ITON is a specialist in the public cloud and has developed services such as automation, dashboarding and enterprise-grade security services. Ekco, on the other hand, is a specialist in private cloud and currently offers its services in seven countries.

“This is very valuable, since the risk that an organisation will be confronted with data theft ransomware or phishing is increasing every day. By implementing a modern security policy and structural security updates, risks are significantly reduced. We also focus strongly on the protection of digital personal data, partly by means of identity access management (IAM) and privileged access management (PAM).”,

says Jeroen Van den Nouwland

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