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It happens to everyone. Despite your best intentions, your project is way off track. Maybe you even feel like you are on the tracks. Cloud consultancy is the superhero rescue you need.

IT projects are complex, especially when they are on the larger side. Knowing the signs of a failing project can help you understand when to call for help. It is common for consultancy to take place, even during an in-flight project. It can be helpful whether your project is starting to go sideways or it is in its first steps.
Watch out for these signs. If you see them, do not be afraid to ask for help!

1. It Seems Like Not Everyone is on Board

If you are noticing resistance to your project, you need help right away! If your entire company is not on board with a proposed change or seems to be switching gears, you run the risk of failure.

There are many reasons people might be reluctant, including fear of change, worries about employee redundancy, budget worries. The problem is that hesitance and reluctance will spike your project. Even if it is something that will ultimately be good for the business and its staff, people will be unwilling to share information or work on the project, and it will flounder. Whether the sabotage is intentional or unconscious, this behavior should be a big red flag.

Cloud consultancy helps in this situation because an outside voice can be powerful. When an expert can show why your project is beneficial, it can be more believable than if you alone are saying it. Sorry. This can hold true no matter how much of an expert you are.

Cloud consultancy also helps you identify the best methods of communicating with stakeholders and other staff to promote success. When you address people’s fears and worries, you promote cooperation.

2. You Discover You Are Missing Important Skills

Even the best projects can be a disaster if your team does not have the right skills or knowledge. That does not mean that they are not good workers. It simply means that without the requisite expertise, you will be fighting a battle that is much more difficult than necessary.

You will need to get your team to brush up on its knowledge, losing time and momentum. Or, you will need to try to forge ahead without it; a recipe for failure.
Cloud consultancy identifies the missing links and finds a way to help. A cloud consultant comes in with the expertise you have been missing. Or, the consultancy will produce a technology or service to fill the gap. Whatever the solutions, you are back on track.

3. Communication Breakdown

Communication between all stakeholders and team members is vital. Communication breakdown is either a symptom of another problem or a problem itself! Either way, you need to fix it.

Clearly communicating your expectations, requirements, and timeline to your team keeps your project moving. Communicating resource needs, project progress, and successes versus failures to upper-level leaders ensures buy-in.

What can cloud consultancy do to solve a breakdown? We help you get down to why people are not talking. Maybe your team is afraid to explain why deadlines are flying by, so they are ignoring the problem by not talking about it. Perhaps the staff is unclear on why they need to do something, or when it needs to happen.
We find out what is happening and why. And then we give you the tools and plan required to move forward. We build communication into your project.

4. Resources Being Reassigned

This is another sign that could be an isolated problem or a symptom of something larger. Maybe previously assigned staff has been sent to a different project, or your budget is clawed back. For whatever reason, you do not have the resources to solve a problem.

There are a few things you can do in this case. First, if you are in charge of team assignments, do not loan your staff out! You need them for success. If your project seems to be being pulled apart from underneath you, it may be time for consultancy.

We can help you understand what resources are lacking, and how to get them back.
You may need to fight for your resources, especially if your project is showing signs of failure. With a clear plan in place from a consultant, you can make a great case for what your work means. We promote your value and the future success of the company. You will have your staff, funds, and tech back in no time.

5. Failing to Meet Milestones

Are you meeting your goals? Missing deadlines and milestones is a very obvious sign of failure and one that others will notice. You might see this in the form of sudden overtime hours. Perhaps you are dodging unhappy business administrators who want to know why you are not delivering.

When you fail to meet deadlines, you have to work backward to figure out what is going wrong. You must get the project on the rails again without creating more problems. It can be as simple as switching to a more efficient technology. Maybe you need stronger project management, to handle decision making and resource allocation. Perhaps you are cutting corners to try to save time and actually creating roadblocks instead.

Failing to meet milestones is incredibly frustrating, and a very visible issue. Cloud consultancy solves this problem by doing the deep digging for you. Instead of wasting more time trying to understand where you are losing speed, you can keep working while we find the answer.
We will optimize your plan and help you choose the right tools to pick up speed and keep your momentum until completion.

Got a project you’re worried could run out of control? Get in touch to learn more about our cloud consultancy services.

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