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So you’re reading our blogs. Maybe you’ve come across us on social media, on YouTube, or if you’re really lucky our shiny brand new website lovingly made for you, our cloud community!

If that’s the case, you may well have found that you’re stumbling into the following term a fair amount… Experts as a Service, but what is that exactly?

In the humdrum mix of competition that is the cloud & IT solutions market, you’ll probably find that there’s an awful lot of companies out there ready to help you with your technical headaches. So how do you go about finding one that you can be sure understand you, your business and every aspect of what makes your IT infrastructure tick.

So when a problem arises, or your provider seems like they simply don’t have time to devote to your complex issues, where do you turn to get a straightforward clear cut answer when you really need it?

You turn to an expert.

That’s where Experts as a Service comes in.

So what exactly does getting an Experts as a Service cover?

Experts as a Service is a managed solution that we dreamt up here at Cloudhelix.

When you go with one of the big providers, like Amazon, Microsoft, Google or even IBM, you may be a welcome addition, but you’ll be one on a list of 100,000 other companies who expect equal service.

However when something goes awry, when a business critical campaign goes viral and the server is not scaling, when a client DR backup goes down at a crucial time… who do you ask for quick, practical support?

Unless you’re one of their biggest highest paying clients you’ll probably struggle to have any type of special priority.

You’ll probably first get directed to an FAQ. Then you need someone on the phone, so you’re met by a call centre staff member.

What about if the call centre’s set script for staff from is doing literally nothing for you, at a time where every minute counts to find an answer?

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With Experts as a Service, you don’t get through to a call center, and your query isn’t dragged through a mind-numbingly long bottom up service. We believe that should be the complete opposite as a process.

With Experts as a Service, you talk specifically to the most qualified multi-cloud server engineer with a minimum of 15 years experience. You might even get direct support from our Chief Technology Officer, James Leavers.

It’s a different way of delivering support, and we believe it’s the right way. For every client, the absolute first communication with us as the support provider is with the most senior and experienced person we possibly have to offer.

From that point of contact, the most efficient and effective solution can immediately be offered with no other fuss or confusion, and the solutions can be trickled down straight to the best engineer to implement it straight away.

What areas are covered by Experts as a Service?

We totally understand just how different every business is, which is why Experts as a Service doesn’t cover certain expertise or functions. It’s available to be used on anything you need it for.

Cloudhelix have a senior expert in their field for every service we offer, so if daily backup and disaster recovery is mission critical to your business, then we can cover that on Experts as a Service.

And those times you need support there and then, as fast as possible, because maybe it’s a client on the line otherwise, there will be no fuss, no wait, no prolonged process.

Your critical issue becomes our critical issue. It won’t become anything less than that until it’s fully resolved and you are completely satisfied that you don’t require further support.

Expertly concluding…

Sorting a plumbing issue at home yourself, quickly and cheaply, might see the same pipe leaking again in two months time while checking the work out with an expert before doing it yourself will help to keep you on the right track in the long run.

If every issue you come across is worked through with our experts, we can keep you on the right track at every step of the way, and if anything does go a little pear shaped, our experts will have prior knowledge of your tech to provide a brilliant, straight answer to your problems.

Whether you need two hours a week of support or 20 minutes a week, Experts as a Service ensures you only pay for the time you use, in cheap fifteen minute chunks. Simply maintaining and upgrading your cloud ecosystem can be enough of a challenge, so having someone there when things don’t go to plan is pretty handy.

Experts as a Service isn’t just support done the right way, it’s the way we believe all support should be done.

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