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Disaster Recovery (DR), whether procured from a specialist service provider, or set up by in house staff, is an ongoing and a very significant commitment for any organisation. DR has been designed for organisations to survive after unplanned or unforeseen events such as hardware failure, power outage, human error, cyber-attacks or natural disasters.

Effects of these situations may not always be direct. The results could significantly impact the supply chain of a company, like the now infamous NotPetya virus that originated in a family run software company in Ukraine, and spread to customers worldwide. The good news is that a well designed Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) solution like Ekco’s can help companies overcome these potentially catastrophic situations.

Disaster Recovery as a Service advantages:

  • Fully Monitored and Managed

    A team of experts (a.k.a ninjas) are involved in designing, managing, installing and monitoring, as well as pro-actively supporting various solutions from the beginning to the end.

  • Universal Recovery

    With Ekco DRaaS, you can restore data at any level. Whether you want to recover a single file, server or entire network to that of a physical or virtual machine, Ekco has you covered.

  • Safe and Secure

    All data is encrypted while in transit and at rest, which assures that data is safe and secure and there is no threat to the business protection requirements.

  • Verified Recovery

    Ekco conducts automatic recovery tests and verifies replications and backup so as to ensure that all file systems, Microsoft Exchange, SQL server instances are recoverable.

  • Cost-effective

    Without paying any upfront fees, you can conduct recovery tests and verify backups and replication automatically, so as to assure that file systems are all recoverable.

  • File Search-and-Restore

    With this feature, you can search for different recovery points of any protected machine as well as detect and restore individual files directly from search results.

  • Local or Cloud Standby

    Ekco allows you to continually send updates to a virtual machine, which can be activated when there is any problem in the primary machine.

  • Round the Clock Support

    Our expert team (although I prefer the term ninjas) has the knowledge and skills that will help you recover from a disaster situation at any time and from anywhere.

  • Replication

    Ekco offers easy and configurable replication of backups to more than one target points, including DS-Appliances located within premises, remote places or in private or public clouds.

  • Competitive

    Ekco DRaaS solution comes with several tools that are used to protect sensitive and critical information. Having DR specialists in teams assures that your business will be able to continue in servicing its customers in any situation.

Ekco DRaaS is a fast and reliable data recovery service that can be activated at any time during disasters.  In case of an emergency, it offers protection to physical servers and can easily fail-over to a virtual cloud. Ekco users are guaranteed peace of mind, knowing that their individual files, applications or VMs can be recovered from any disaster scenarios. Our service means that it is not locked in with any software or hardware technology, allowing you to protect anything, anywhere — systems, apps and data — whether it’s physical, virtual or in the cloud cost-effectively.

Ekco meets corporate governance and regulatory compliance mandates, with NIST FIPS 140-2 validated, encrypted and certified for all backup data, to adhere to specific retention periods. It protects and supports all mainstream files, databases, email systems, mailboxes, and operating systems with petabyte of storage.

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