It’s a question of when, not if. The cost of cybercrime is predicted to reach $10.5 trillion worldwide by 2025, and with 623.3 million ransomware attacks recorded in 2021, it is inevitable cybercriminals will target your organisation.

As hackers find new ways to breach defences, you need a robust defence strategy. According to our recent 2022 Infrastructure Modernisation Report only one in four C-level leaders feel they have a good handle on cybersecurity, highlighting the need for greater cyber awareness.

At Ekco we understand how the criminal underworld targets organisations and we know what’s needed to protect your most critical assets.

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Organisations can’t stop the world from changing. The best they can do is adapt. The smart ones change before they have to. The lucky ones manage to scramble and adjust when push comes to shove. The rest are losers, and they become history.

Nicole Perlroth, This Is How They Tell Me the World Ends: The Cyberweapons Arms Race
Data protection

The consequences of a ransomware attack

In recent years ransomware attacks have proliferated, infecting computers, restricting access to files, and threatening permanent data destruction if you fail to pay. Even if you manage to recover your files, often the reputational and financial damage is significant

As companies continue to face more security challenges, traditional defences are not enough. Attacks are increasingly sophisticated, infrastructure is evolving and becoming more complex, employees are no longer sitting in an office protected by a firewall.

There’s a lot of opportunities for a cybercriminal to find a way in.  IT security teams face an uphill battle to identify and protect against threats and detect anything that gets through.



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Ekco’s Integrated Baseline for Information Security (IBI) is a foundational security assessment that takes a holistic view of your security posture and identify the gaps in your data protection strategy.

IBI is inspired by Microsoft’s Zero Trust Model and the internationally recognised ISO 27001 standard. By combining both frameworks with our team’s best practice knowledge we have developed an assessment that gives you a 360° view of your environment, without the need for a detailed audit of your IT infrastructure.

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What’s included?

As part of our IBI assessment you’ll work with one of our security consultants to review:

  • Current roles, policies, and agreements related to information security
  • User identification methods (multi-factor authentication, password policies, access policies, cyber-awareness)
  • Communication security (email, Teams, files, etc.)
  • Security of the external environment including workstations and equipment
  • Backup and Disaster Recovery (BCDR) plans
  • Development and maintenance of information systems (management agreements, requirements for new systems)
  • Legal standards impacting your sector (such as GDPR, FCA regulations, etc.)

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Our approach

Securing your environment and business information is a continuous process, which requires a thorough, structured approach.

We’ll periodically perform a risk analysis, where we’ll review any technology changes and discuss your organisation’s future goals.

We’ll map out your situation and test the environment against our baseline. Together we’ll determine a plan to improve your cyber and information security maturity and ensure it’s been implemented correctly.