Identify issues and fix them faster

Vulnerabilities are an unpleasant reality for every organisation. Each one presents a challenge for the security team and an opportunity for hackers. Having a solution that can detect, prioritise, and proactively address vulnerabilities can significantly reduce the likelihood of having systems compromised.  

Having a tailored vulnerability management, detection, and response (VMDR) programme closes the gap between discovery and remediation. The smaller that gap, the better your security programme. Make the gap small enough so that threat actors look elsewhere for their targets. 

What is VMDR? 

VMDR discovers vulnerabilities on your infrastructure and or applications (on-premises or in the cloud). Our service spots the potential impact on your business and recommends a prioritised remediation plan. A comprehensive VMDR solution provides:

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  • Full Stack Vulnerability Scanning: scan and detect network, operating system, database, and app vulnerabilities. 
  • OWASP Top 10 vulnerability detection: Focus on the most critical security risks to web applications. 
  • Useful Feedback: Investigation, prioritisation, reporting and remediation advice from certified Penetration testers.
  • Prompt Action Plans: Timely and accurate alerts to allow appropriate rapid response and mitigation or defensive actions.
  • Bespoke reporting: Customised reports and frequency to suit your needs and risk profile. 

VMDR benefits

  1. Advanced Warning: Receive early identification of vulnerabilities via integrated testing. Close the gap between identification and remediation. 
  2. Built for you: We focus on key risks to your business operations and the critical assets that matter most to you. 
  3. Solution Agnostic: As an independent MSSP, you are guaranteed objectivity and best-of-breed solutions. Our experts expertly assess the risk, vulnerabilities, and potential impact.  
  4. Measurable results: Get relevant vulnerability metrics and see the progress of your security programmes or mitigation activities. 
  5. Flexible: We do the work so your team can focus on core tasks. Do not tie up your valuable resources in testing or invest in expensive testing tools.  
  6. Consistent: Our structured approach ensures consistent testing. We eliminate periodic activity. An ad hoc approach like this isn’t joined up, wasteful and provides out of date information on your actual security status.

Why Ekco?

At Ekco, our people are at the heart of all our solutions. We use real security testers, powered by the best solutions on the market, to review output and produce your vulnerability reports.

Our approach brings together four key elements of an effective vulnerability management programme underpinned by powerful orchestration workflows.

We automatically discover every asset in your environment (even unmanaged assets), and continually assess them for vulnerabilities. We apply the latest threat intel analysis to prioritise actively exploitable vulnerabilities.  

Once an issue has been identified, we automatically detect the latest patch for the asset in question and deploy it for remediation. We’ll have the patch applied before you’re even aware of the vulnerability.