What can you achieve with more experts in your corner? 

When it comes to cyber attacks, it’s a matter of when not if.   

The sophistication of attacks and fluidity of cloud environments means that traditional defences can’t keep up, making it tricky for IT teams to identify, detect and respond to threats. Accepting that attacks will happen, and having your response plan ready, puts you on the front foot. 


Our cyber incident response solution helps you respond to security breaches. It bolts on Security Analysts and Incident Responders to your team, who you can mobilise at any time.

Get more time to focus on what you do best. And the freedom to be bold.

What is cyber incident response? 

Cyber incident response is a security term that describes how a cyber attack is handled by an organisation. How a security breach gets managed and how prepared a company is for such events dictate the recovery time and cost.  

A cyber incident response service enables companies to prepare appropriately and respond effectively without recruiting specialist security staff. 

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Your proactive, round-the-clock safety net 

Provided as a service, cyber incident response removes the need to recruit security specialists or train up your already busy team. 

Use cyber incident response in conjunction with other SOC services such as SIEM and security device management to truly supercharge your security.

Together, we can protect your transformation, one step at a time. 


What’s included?

1. Initial planning and preparation

Workshops with our experts to create or revise your security incident response plan.
By the end of our onboarding, you’ll know how to raise an incident and how we respond. 

2. Incident readiness

Through training, simulated attacks and a thorough assessment, we’ll stress-test your team to improve your incident response skills.

3. One week a year of incident response time

37.5 hours to use per year – including on-site and remote support. You can increase this as needed.

4. Access to expertise

Get the answers you need. Faster. Our highly experienced security team can advise on a wide range of technologies, platforms and scenarios.

5. No cap on incidents

Raise as many security incidents as you need, keeping us in the loop with everything that happens.


6. Service level reviews

Monthly reports and quarterly reviews.