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As your infrastructure gets more complex, and threats continue to evolve, it becomes a full-time, specialist job to manage your firewall security.

To protect your company, and leave nothing to chance, count on us to keep a watchful eye so that you don’t have to, and so that nothing’s ever missed. 

Available for SonicWall and Fortinet appliances – including physical, on-prem devices and virtual next-generation firewalls (NGFWs) – your firewalls are managed 24×7 through our Network Operations Centre (NOC). Move as fast as your ambition, securely.

Managed firewall security benefits

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Protection against malware, spyware and intrusion

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Around-the-clock threat defence

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Maintenance and admin included

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Proactive 24×7 support

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Next business day hardware replacement

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Remote VPN access for users anywhere

What is firewall security management? 

Firewall security management involves configuring and monitoring your firewalls to stop unauthorised access to networks, servers and devices while allowing access for verified users, so they can get on with their jobs uninterrupted.

Our engineers ensure your devices are properly configured and that all threats are quickly identified and responded to, giving your busy IT team fewer day-to-day monitoring tasks to think about. 

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A firewall security partner that unlocks your potential 

With your people focused on multiple projects, the daily admin associated with monitoring and managing firewalls can slip down the pecking order. Firewalls have a lot of intelligence built-in, but they must be proactively monitored by security experts, which can be difficult to recruit into your team.

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Handing over firewall security management gives you the knowledge, hands-on expertise and support you need to deliver robust protection, especially when coupled with other security services.

Not only is this easier for you, it’s also more cost-effective. Strengthen your IT while simplifying your day-to-day. We’re right behind you. 

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What’s included in a managed firewall service?

    • Firewall monitoring 
    • Firmware and software updates 
    • Resolving firewall incidents during business hours 
    • Following up priority one alarms outside office hours 
    • Solving priority one incidents outside office hours.