Give your environment the attention it needs

Assess your network, email and endpoint environment against over 10,000 different threats.

Give your environment a comprehensive examination against a plethora of threats, including ransomware variants, malicious code, vulnerability exploits, data exfiltration, and advanced campaigns.

Stay ahead of the latest threats, so the malicious actors move on to easier targets. 

The challenges with traditional cyber security testing

  • They are done infrequently and avoided due to cost and business disruption.
  • They use a single testing solution, leading to a one-dimensional approach that does not cover enough bases.
  • The scope of testing tends to be static, and the same things get tested every time.
  • Finding an experienced Penetration Tester for manual testing is a challenge. Automated testing offers repeatability but is more regimented and doesn’t react exactly like a human would do.

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What is a Breach Attack Simulation?

A breach attack simulation (BAS) simulates complex assaults on your environment. Run on-demand and to-scale, BAS leverages innovative tech and processes, such as the MITRE ATT&CK framework to help detect vulnerabilities before they get exposed.  

Using experienced pen testers who use a combination of their knowledge and the latest breach attack simulation technology to test, measure, interpret and recommend mitigations of your protection and detection security infrastructure. It looks at your IT the way a hacker would and allows you to pre-empt any potential breaches.

Breach Attack Simulation Benefits

Immediacy: Assess your vulnerability to front-of-mind concerns such as general or specific Ransomware attacks.

Strategic: Get a comprehensive, measurable baseline of your effectiveness and efficiency against over 10,000 threats.

Optimise: Leverage the results to implement target improvements, updated regularly. Receive specific recommendations to block attacks that evade gateways, firewalls, endpoints, SIEM etc.

Data-driven: Understand in every-day, numerical terms the efficiency and effectiveness of your protective and detection security infrastructure.

Save time and money: Comprehensive testing that runs more often, more efficiently and covers more threats as well as more of your infrastructure.

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Validation, proactive management and peace of mind 

We live in a world where zero-day threats proliferate and even the most comprehensive detection and response solutions need constant attention to keep up with adversaries. What better way to affirm your own levels of protection as well as uncovering new vulnerabilities?  

Leveraging Ekco’s expertise to run regular and comprehensive test of your security infrastructure delivers value to your security operations and quantifies the effectiveness of your security and mitigation processes. 

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How it works

BAS is an innovative component of our comprehensive suite of cyber testing. We offer this service flexibly to our customers as an engagement or as a continuous service.

We work with you to determine how you want to test and exercise, offering BAS as an initial assessment, as a continuous service or as red team testing. You let us know what works best for your business. We take care of the rest.

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