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Insights from over 700 IT Decision Makers

In our third Ekco Infrastructure Modernisation Report, we surveyed over 700 IT leaders from across the UK, Ireland and the Netherlands to gain insights about their cloud transformation projects. Our goal was to understand the motivations behind their move to the cloud, assess whether their expectations were being met, and identify areas where cloud projects might be falling short. Our report aims to reshape the cloud modernisation dialogue and provide your business with essential guidance for cloud transformation to achieve better outcomes.

Key Findings Include:

  • 56% of IT leaders had to make compromises in their cloud projects
  • 25% feel the c-suite do not have a strong handle on security
  • Only 17% feel their infrastructure is truly optimised
  • 79% of respondents expressed concerns over the security of their cloud infrastructure.

Download the 2024 Infrastructure Modernisation Report

Transform your cloud strategy

Our report not only highlights the current state of cloud migration but also provides a roadmap for future-proofing your IT infrastructure. Whether you’re just starting a cloud migration or looking to optimise your existing setup, this report offers valuable insights to help you navigate the path ahead.


Why Download Our Report?

  • Exclusive insights from IT leaders: Gain access to advice from cloud and security experts covering the motivations, hurdles, and success factors.
  • Practical strategies for success: From planning to optimisation, discover actionable strategies to ensure your cloud projects not only meet but exceed expectations.
  • Security focus: Understand the evolving landscape of cloud security threats and how organisations are fortifying their defenses against them.
  • AI integration: Learn how businesses are leveraging AI to enhance operations and the associated security concerns that come with it.

Unlock the Future of Your IT Infrastructure

Gain the knowledge and strategies to manage cloud migration effectively, enhance security, and leverage AI. Transform your IT infrastructure with Ekco. Let’s build a future-ready cloud strategy together.

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