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On-demand webinar

SOC & SIEM: Protection is no longer enough. You need to detect and respond.

Just because you’re not an enterprise, doesn’t mean you don’t have enterprise security challenges.

Historically, only the biggest companies needed a Security Operation Centre (SOC). But the threat landscape has changed drastically and today, everybody’s a target.

In order to fight back, Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) solutions are used to give you complete visibility over your organisation. In conjunction with a SOC, you’re able to continuously monitor your environment and enable real-time detection and response.

In this on-demand webinar our Chief Strategy and Innovation Officer, Paul Hogan and Brendan Fay, Chief Operating Officer, simulate a Red Team versus Blue Team response to a cyber attack.


Why watch?

  • Learn what a modern SOC looks like and why you need one.
  • Identify the common security misconceptions that lead to data breaches.
  • Understand how a cyber attacks are mitigated with Red Team versus Blue Team response.
  • See how SIEM technology enables the SOC to filter data and produce actionable insights.
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