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Ethical Hacking: The next evolution in pen testing

No matter the size of your business, it’s no longer a question of ‘if’ someone will target you – it’s a question of ‘when’.

Penetration tests, or pen tests, are a useful tool in identifying vulnerabilities in a company’s network that leave them open to attack. But they have many limitations and don’t do a good enough job of evaluating your company’s security posture on their own.

This is where Ethical Hacking as a Service (EHaaS) comes in.

By adopting the stance of a hacker, we can have a more complete picture of the risks you are facing.

In this eBook, you will find out more about:

  • Why cyber security has outgrown once-off and ad-hoc traditional pen tests
  • What EHaaS includes
  • The key benefits of EHaas, including having a dedicated resource who understands your unique business needs,
    reduced overheads, and more flexibility

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