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We love Veeam but then again who doesn’t?

A new component which hooks into Veeam v8 is Veeam Endpoint Backup (currently Beta), with this product you can extend the Veeam backup solution used within your virtualised environment for use with Physical workstations and laptops. It’s not just cheap, it’s free, and what’s more you can hook it into your Cloudhelix Cloud Connect (BUaaS) repository so you have the added benefit of storing copies offsite, here’s an overview of how that might look;

  • Veeam 8 Backup Server (a trial will do for testing)
  • Veeam Backup & Replication v8 Patch
  • A physical Windows 7 or higher desktop/laptop

Here are links to the relevant install sources, make sure you are logged on to the Veeam web site before following these links:

Veeam 8 Backup & Replication

Veeam Endpoint Backup FREE RC (build

Veeam Backup & Replication v8 Patch #2 RC (build

Endpoint Backup Installation

On your windows desktop/laptop download the Endpoint Backup source, unzip the file and run the executable, the following screen will appear;

Accept the EULA and Click install

In our demo environment we intend to backup to an existing Veeam Server so we will Skip configuring USB media

Once the installation is complete we want to run the recovery wizard, tick the checkbox and Click Finish

In our demo we will create an ISO image that we can safely store on a file server, select ISO and Click Next

Select a destination for your recovery ISO file and Click Next

Review the settings and location and Click Next

ISO file creation will commence for your workstation/laptop

The necessary files and drivers will be copied over

Click Finish once the bootable ISO has been created, following installation you should have a new systray icon as follows;

Right Click the systray icon and Select Control Panel, the end point application will appear as follows;

Select Configure Backup, the backup configuration mode settings will appear as shown below;

For this Demo we will Select Entire Computer, Click Next, the backup destination can now be configured as follows;

Input the server name /IP address of you Veeam Server and suitable credentials for the server and Click Next as shown below;

Select a suitable backup repository and Click Next

The Backup schedule configuration options will appear, as shown below;

Configure your schedule and Click Next

Check Run the job when I Click finish option and the backup job commence, if successful you should see a success status when you hover over the systray icon as shown below;

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