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We’ve always been known for the performance of our platform, but things just got a whole lot faster…

In late 2017, we partnered with Pure Storage to support our platform infrastructure. Given that one of the key reasons our clients choose us is the blistering performance of our platform, you can imagine how excited we are to announce it’s now significantly faster.

That’s right, we’ve upgraded the storage in all UK data centres to an all-flash array from Pure, who we’ve often referred to internally as The Ferrari of Storage. What does this mean? Well, on the topic of moving storage to Pure, our Chief Technology Officer James Leavers said…

“So far, Pure Storage is offering scintillating performance, even at larger 32kb block sizes, and was very easy to set up. I met the guys at our datacenter on Friday at 10am, it was up and running a few hours later, and by the end of the weekend was running 2Tb+ of varying internal workloads with a latency of 0.3ms, which is very quick.”

What does it mean for our clients?

It means we no longer using Pernixdata for storage, which–since being acquired by Nutanix–is no longer supported. Of course, changing our storage isn’t a small job and it’s very critical to our business, but we’re confident that it brings nothing but smiles to the faces of our clients.

“Many corporates can see change like this as highly stressful and completely disruptive to a software deal that they would have financially planned to depreciate over, say, five years."
"At only two years into that depreciation, you may face considerable reluctance from the board in an unplanned spend, especially within the core IT infrastructure of the firm such as the storage that runs your entire business for us: so a mission critical factor of our platform infrastructure.’ – James Leavers, Chief Technology Officer at Cloudhelix

In our case, a number of clients need a huge amount of space for varying workloads and a vast amount of storage due to their work in finance and insolvency sector, which involves ingesting technology while liquidation and forensic work is carried out.

What these clients do know is that they require performance to be lightning fast across the board, and that’s absolutely fine, because utilising Pure means can we’ve supercharged from what already supported their needs to something a whole lot faster.

This allows for a fire and forget system, with Cloudhelix providing for the needs of clients while still recognising there’s always a chance they might need that extra performance. We have focused solely on making sure the performance is there and the storage is highly scalable.

On the upgrade, Cloudhelix CEO, Dave Blesovsky said…
“Not only will raw disk read and write performance see an improvement, but latency levels will be dramatically reduced on read and writing files, as well as massive increases on the performance of all administrative functions, making them even quicker than before for our clients.”

Cloudhelix and the future with Pure

Expect to hear more on how current and prospective clients can take advantage of this new partnership between Pure, leaders in the world of hardware and storage, and Cloudhelix, experts in cloud transformation and forward-thinking managed solutions.

In 2017, Pure were named the market leader in the flash storage revolution by Gartner, a title they’ve been holding onto for the last four years. It’s been favoured by large scale businesses where performance is critical, including some serious Silicon Valley players, the Mercedes Benz F1 team and a whole host more.

With only a handful of Pure partners across the EMEA region, if you’re interested in learning more, require the kind of performance we’re talking about or even would be interested in trialing the Cloudhelix platform to see what the fuss is all about, get in touch with us today.

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